5 Golf Tips You Wish You Knew Earlier

5 golf tips you wish you knewFor the average golfer, the basics of the game can often become distant memories. We always want to progress, but sometimes we hinder ourselves because the fundamentals have become twisted. Not only the basics, but a truly encompassing mental attitude; therefore, if you can harbor those skills then you can succeed greater throughout your golfing career. As hard as it is to continue playing golf in frustration, it can all be simplified when you have the right tools in your arsenal. For all golfers, the woes of the game make it difficult to want to continue; however, we always seem to return the next week, with the same clubs and the same determination. Here are five golf tips that you wish you knew earlier.

1) “By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail”- Benjamin Franklin

Set-up may be the one thing that is the most annoying to correct and the hardest to find the fault. On a video-recorded swing, the set-up will look the same about 99% of the time, which means that from the naked eye it is hard to spot. There’s a way that you can prevent small movements from re-directing the intended path of your golf ball. The pre-shot routine. It is menial and boring and often is done just to go through the motions but it can be very helpful to calm the nerves and set-up in the same manner every time.

The basics to remember should be the positioning of your feet relative to the target and the ball position. Relative to the target meeting facing in the right direction for the path of the ball to take off correctly. The ball position should move further forward with the lower lofted clubs you have. This is to allow for the arc of the golf swing, towards the middle of your stance will be where the club will usually ‘bottom-out’; therefore, the club will then create more loft as it leaves the centre helping the ball to fly further in the air. The middle of your stance should be up to a 7 iron and move slowly forward of centre with every further progression down the numbers.

Next to remember is your grip, you should ask an expert on how to initially grip the club. This is will give you a solid basis to know what your reference points should be. Important to notice, the structure of your grip will often dictate the direction and path of your golf ball. An open grip could lead to flipping the club over and causing a pull draw while the opposite could lead to a slice.

Buying an electric golf trolley can also help. It allows you to keep your shoulders free from the weight of the bag and it’s hard to underestimate the impact this has on your swing.

Finally, your body should be a hand-length away from the butt of the golf club. This is crucial to allow for the club to pass your body with coming into contact with the torso area. It also allows the club to flip over and strike the ball more sweetly because the upper body and the lower body are adequately connected.

2) Shoot lower scores by staying sane

The significance of the mind means that golf is such a hard game that it can’t be imagined by those who don’t play. For me, staying sane on the course always leads to good results. It’s easy to get ahead of yourself and think many holes into the future, but staying in the moment will help you stay grounded and humble.

The best way to do this is to ultimately act like a robot in your mannerisms, be determined when it’s time to play but be comfortable to switch off an interact with your playing partners. This way, you’ll manage to enjoy yourself while also playing solid golf.

3) Stay low and connected

The golf swing is a complex element which sometimes needs some care to be able to function. By this I mean that you should stretch extensively before you play. Professional golfers such as Miguel Angel Jimenez of Spain still compete today to the highest level because he stretches with many different poses before every practice session or round. Another player of a greater age is Gary Player who can still do over 1000 press-ups with ease and he has surpassed his eighth decade of life.

Additionally, when you take the club back, you should use your upper body and keep your hands still and quiet. Often golfers utilise the hinge too early and lose all the power. Keeping tucked and connected for the first quarter of the back swing will leave the rest of the swing in good stead.

4) Hinge for position

You want to be able to take your hands, along with your upper body, up to around parallel to the ground. Then you want to cock your wrist so your arms remain straight and parallel to the ground while you club faces the sky. This will generate the first stage of power and you’re only halfway through the back swing.

Holding that position throughout the rest of the swing is a challenge in itself but until you reach the bottom of the swing, that’s what you want to do. Unfortunately, not everyone can fully exaggerate this position through the golf swing and often lose energy. That takes a lot of time and hard work, and that is why the guys on tour can hit the ball a long way.

5) Forget all you know and hit it!

Once you make it to the top, forget all you know and everything will be in place without you knowing. This would help you to hit the ball without actually thinking about it.

Overall, these tips will help you improve your mental strength and ability without losing out on the juicy physical tips too. Now you can wield these tips, it will help you to improve your game and reduce your scores.