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Best Electric Golf Push Cart Reviews 2018

Best Electric Golf Push Cart Reviews 2018If you aren’t a professional golfer, an electric golf push cart is likely the closest you’ll get to a full time caddie. They’re becoming commonplace on courses all over the world as players are realizing the benefits of having an electric golf push cart do all the heavy lifting […]


Wilson Ultra Golf Club Set Review

Wilson Ultra Golf Club Set – You’ll be overwhelmed with the many choices you’ll have when deciding to purchase a golf club set. There are many different manufacturers that offer great golf club sets at varying price points. Wilson is a leading brand in golfing, and they have the Wilson Ultra Package Set which includes everything you need to get started […]


Golf Swing Tip’s For Beginners

Golf Swing Tips For Beginners – Most beginner golfers don’t realize that there’s a right way, and a wrong way, to swing those clubs. Have you already played your first game and were embarrassed enough to hide your golf clubs in the back of the closet? Learning any sport can be frustrating in the beginning. […]


How Golf Is Evolving

In the eyes of many golf is a game for retired men who have little else to do during the day. Yet there are many younger players joining the game. But for these players, many are stuck having a solo game, as it’s hard convincing friends to step back from their video games or bars […]


Make Golf Great Again

Golfing can be a challenging but fun game, but there must be ways to entice a new generation to join the happy ranks of the older golfers. It’s no surprise that golf is experiencing a slight decline in popularity due to the younger generation being glued to their devices. But it seems to be making […]

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