Cyber Monday & Black Friday Golf Deals 2018

Black Friday may be just around the corner, but it’s always a good idea to get a jump on the competition and plan ahead what you’re going to go for when the doors open. Thankfully you don't have to join in the mayhem that occurs in the shops on Black Friday, instead shop from the comfort of your home. The best deals can be found on Amazon's Black Friday deals page.

black friday golf deals

But enough hyping up, let’s get down to business. First section – Black Friday golf deals.

10 Of The Best Amazon Golf Deals.

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Black Friday Golf Club Set Deals

Anyone looking for a starter set of golf clubs is surely going to be in luck this Black Friday. There are many sets out there, but few of them are going to have the kind of value for the money the sets on our list have. After extensive research, we found that Callaway Men’s Strata Complete set and Strata Ultimate complete sets are just about the best beginner sets around. Add to that a set of Wilson Ultra set, and you have quite an impressive selection on your hands.

Wilson Profile XD Complete Golf Set

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Our best deal to consider is the Wilson 2018 Men’s Profile XD Golf Complete Set. There is no denying that Wilson is one of the biggest names in sports equipment industry, and, whatever sport you’re playing, there is an excellent Wilson set just waiting for you to be picked up. This Wilson 2018 Men’s XD Complete Set is just what a beginner needs – the clubs are incredibly accurate, and the entire set will not cost you more than $250, which means that the product has excellent value for the money.

Starting with the driver, a usual, you have on your hands a 460cc club made of titanium composite that is both light and sturdy. The driver is made very effective at increasing the range of your shots, not to mention the accuracy. Along with the driver, you will also receive a fairway wood, also incredibly accurate, and fine-tuned for playability from both rough and fairway. Both clubs have enormous sweet spots, and both offer quite a bit of leeway to the player.

Just like the other two options, you get a hybrid club, which stands as an excellent replacement for the long irons. High launch technology together with improved head design allows for massive improvement in shot distance over a regular long iron. Again, forgiveness is the key with these clubs, as they’re made for people with not that great of an experience. For a mid-range game, there are steel irons with improved characteristics and changes to perimeter weighing for more control during strokes.

As for the wedges, there is the pitching wedge and the sand wedge, both with improved characteristics to better serve their purpose. The pitching wedge features improved spin technology that allows for better playability on the course. The sand wedge has lower weighing and a very wide sole that allows for better distancing when striking the ball out of the bunker.

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Lastly, there is the mallet putter, made for improved accuracy and better alignment when putting, making sure you finish your hole in as few strokes as possible. The entire set is placed in a convenient bag that is lightweight and durable, with plenty of space for your clubs, tees and everything you intend to bring with you.


  • Excellent quality drive and wood, with improved characteristics.
  • Caters to less experienced players perfectly.
  • Superb sand wedge.
  • Great value for the money.
  • Comes with a convenient cart bag.


  • The irons are of lower quality than the rest of the clubs.
  • The bag isn't made to the highest standards.

Callaway Strata Ultimate Golf Set, 18-piece

best golf deals for black friday

If you’re after something more extensive, then you should definitely consider the Ultimate Complete Golf Set. This 18-piece golf set offers you as many clubs as the Complete set but adds one more wood, and one more hybrid, so, now, you have a little bit more diversity in your game. Just as before, these clubs are intended for a beginner player and are made to be extremely forgiving, all the while increasing the distance you can achieve on your shots, and increasing the accuracy of those shots.

The first thing we have to note is the driver. Instead of being made of graphite, which made the last one very flimsy, this one is made of titanium. It is also a 460cc and increases the distance of the shots dramatically. The woods (3 and 5) are marvelously aerodynamic and are too built to increase the range of your shots. Both the driver and the woods have a large sweet spot, and they both are extremely forgiving, enabling new players to get used to firing those long shots, and hitting the right areas on the course without having to think about how they are striking the ball.

Just like the last time, you have your hybrids in this set. This time, they’re 4H and 5H, and they offer a great alternative if you’re not fond (or can’t play with) long irons. They also come with head covers so you can protect the clubs from scuffs and elements. Keeping the golf clubs clean is paramount to them lasting a long time, and these covers will do just that for you.

Both the irons and the wedges are featuring the same technology used in the last set, allowing for superb feel and accuracy on every shot, enabling you to hit your marks with incredible precision, even if you’re not too experienced. The mallet putter with the T-Style alignment is perfectly tuned for short-ranged shots for when the ball is ready to be putted. Again, an incredible feel for control of the club caters perfectly to a beginner’s needs.

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Lastly, you get a stand bag, a slightly larger type than what you get with the complete set. We’re once again looking at a nylon construction, featuring six pockets, tee holders and a rain cover to protect your clubs in case of precipitation. It comes with a back strap so you can carry it on your person.

As for the negative sides, there aren’t many as with the Complete set, since the Ultimate set cost two times more than the previous product. With higher cost comes more reliability, but there are some quality issues that need to be addressed. This time, it’s the irons that are the flimsy ones, and there are numerous reports of their heads snapping off, even if the clubs weren’t mistreated. The bag too, being the same quality as before, won’t last that long, and you might need to consider an alternative later on.


  • An additional hybrid and wood as compared to the Complete set.
  • Forgiving clubs with large sweet spots.
  • Clubs made in order to draw out as much distance from a beginner’s shots and made to be as accurate as possible.
  • Spacious and convenient bag.
  • Excellent putter – wonderful control and accuracy.


  • The irons aren't the best quality.
  • The bag is fairly low quality,

Callaway Strata 12 Piece Golf Club Set

callaway strata 12 piece golf club set black friday

If you’re after a cheap but good enough golf club set, then you should definitely take look at Callaway Men’s Strata Complete Golf Club Set. This 12-piece set comes with everything you need to get started, including a driver, putter, wood and iron clubs, as well as a bag and head covers that will ensure long service life and a place where you can keep your golf clubs when not in use. These clubs will cost you around $170, which is a great price point of such an inclusive club set.

Firstly, let’s start with the clubs. This set features a 460cc driver, and one with a massive sweet spot. This is of particular interest to beginners, because it makes the club much more forgiving, and ensures that the ball will fly in the intended direction, even if you make a slight miscalculation. Both the driver and the 3 wood are fitted with graphite shafts for better energy transfer, enabling you to launch the ball over longer distances. You will also receive a headpiece for the clubs, so you can keep them safe and sound from and kind of damage.

The putter is a mallet-type with a T-Style alignment. This increases your accuracy greatly, ensuring you hit the hole every time, even if you lack the experience of a trained athlete. There is also a hybrid club that is also extremely forgiving toward new players, making it a great substitute for a long iron. Lastly, you’ll be getting 5 irons and wedges, featuring progressive sole with tech for greater accuracy and a better feeling of control over the shot.

You'll also get a Strata stand bag that also has shoulder straps that will allow you to carry your stuff over the course if you don’t have a caddy.

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However, the set has a few drawbacks here and there, thanks to its low price. Firstly, this is a beginner’s set, meaning if you want to turn pro, you will need a better set of clubs. And then, there are the quality issues. These mainly pertain to the wood and driver, as their graphite shafts seemingly can’t endure extensive use. There have been numerous complaints about the driver head snapping clean off when the club is swung hard, and after only a few uses. The bag is also lacking, it seems, as it is made of cheap nylon, and it too won’t hold up to the test of time. All in all, you get what you pay for with this set, and you will pay very little.


  • The set caters perfectly to beginners.
  • Driver and 3 wood have a large sweet spot.
  • You will receive a stand bag with the set.
  • Putter with a T-Style alignment for increase accuracy.
  • Hybrid club is very forgiving toward new players.


  • Some quality issues.
  • The driver and 3 wood are low quality.

Black Friday Golf GPS Deals

Along with your clubs, chances are you’ll also want a GPS. So, whilst you're looking for a great deal, why not pick up one of these three awesome GPSs and complete your golfing experience the next time you hit the course.

Garmin Approach S6 GPS Golf Watch

garmin approach s6 black friday deals

No golfer should ever go without a GPS golf watch. If you’re looking for one, then you should definitely check out Garmin’s Approach S6. This superb gadget will set you back a little under $350, and it is so packed with amazing functions that it’s hard to ask for more at this price point.

For starters, the watch provides GPS information for over 38.000 golf courses all over the world, so you will feel right at home wherever you go. The watch provides a generous amount of information, such as the number of holes and detailed information about fairway, hazard and green zones. But the best feature of all is that you can simply press on the touchscreen, and the device will automatically calculate the distance, making the watch highly useful when setting up shots.

But that’s not all. The watch also has a SwingStrength function. This function, as the name suggests, measures the strength of your shots with all of your clubs. This enables you to make slight adjustments when swinging, and, more importantly, make sure you’re swinging consistently for the best results. Not only that, but the device has SwingTempo and TempoTraining functions, both of which will help you work on your swing tempo and timing until your ever shot is the same as the last one.

In addition to all of this, this device can serve as your personal assistant on the course. It can receive emails, notifications and text messages from your iPhone or iPad. It is powered by a lithium-ion battery, which should provide about 10 hours of use per charge.

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There are, of course, some issues with the watch. The first one is that the watch has a rather poor backlight. With that being said, you’re going to find it difficult to read the screen if the sun is very bright. A good backlight seems like a logical thing to have, but, alas, Garmin seemingly oversaw this and left us wanting. The second issue is that the watch sometimes doesn’t detect swings. This can be a great issue, as many features are there to track your swings. However, after a couple swings, the watch should get used to you, and it should start detecting everything properly.


  • Touchscreen display.
  • Detailed maps of over 38.000 courses.
  • One touch distance calculation.
  • 10 hours battery life.
  • Plenty of swing-tracking and monitoring features.


  • The backlight could be better.
  • Takes a couple swings for it to start detecting.

Garmin G8 Handheld Golf GPS Device

garmin approach g8 for black friday

If you’re not into watches, then Garmin’s handheld devices are a proper alternative. One of the best such devices is the G8 Handheld Golf GPS device. Sleek, reliable and accurate, you can pick this device up for just about $300. It’s 50 bucks cheaper than the watch - but has a larger display and many of the same functions, making this, in a way, a superior product.

Like the last time, we’ll start with the device’s database. The G8 features a solid number of course maps, stopping on 30.000. The GPS auto-searches for the course you’re on, and usually takes 30 seconds to find it. You can also receive free course updates, which is quite generous on Garmin’s part.

As for the measurements, with G8 you can do pretty much everything you can do with the S6. PlaysLike lets you track shot distance, but also allows you to adjust for downhill and uphill strokes, which is a neat little feature that will make your shots even more accurate. Club Advice is a function that tracks the swings and the clubs and even recommends what changes you ought to make in your game. PinPointer points the way to the pin, even if you’re in a trap, or stuck in the woods. You can set up layup arcs on 100, 150, 200 and 250 yards, and in a different color for better recognition. Scorecard options include Stroke Play, Skins, Stableford and Match Play.

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Lastly, the device allows you to pair up with an iPhone 4 and higher so you can receive emails and texts, which doubles the device up as your personal assistant.


  • Plenty of course maps, and ability to update the database.
  • Fairly affordable.
  • Plenty of scorecard options.
  • Green View dedicated button.
  • The PlaysLike function allows uphill and downhill shot adjustment.


  • The device sometimes fails to auto advance to the next hole.

Bushell Neo Ion Golf GPS Watch

bushnell neo ion black friday

If simplicity is what you want, then you should consider getting Bushell Neo Ion Golf GPS Watch. This is a basic device with all the standard functions – nothing fancy but does the trick. Even better, the device is very affordable, so, if you’ve bought a decent set of clubs, and find yourself short on cash for a GPS, Bushell Neo is a splendid option. The device costs about $150, which is way cheaper than the Approach S6, and even some $30 cheaper than the G6.

What’s most impressive about this watch is the number of courses it has uploaded into its database and how fast does it detect them. For a $150, 37.000 courses is a pretty impressive number, as it is only 1000 less than what Approach S6 has, considering S6 two times more expensive. The acquisition of course takes about 30 seconds and is almost infallible. The device is very accurate, detects the course automatically, and also features an auto-advance as you’re moving through the course.

As for the measurements, you can perform just about any kind you need. Whether you’re in the fairway, hazard or green, the device will accurately measure the distance to the hole and will have almost no error margin. You can include up to 4 layup or hazard distances in your calculations for a single hole, and you also have an integrated step counter as well, as a little bonus feature. The screen upon which the measurements are displayed is a bit small, but the numbers are big, and the backlight is good, which compensates for the small screen size.

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There are two issues with the watch, though. The first problem is the watch’s belt. It seems to be of rather low quality, and can often snap. There is a one year warranty on the watch, and you can use this the get the belt replaced, but it’s better you spend a few more bucks replacing the belt with a sturdier one. The other problem pertains to the charger. Due to some inefficient design, the charger doesn’t quite snap into place as it should, which can lead to the watch not registering the charger. Here, you’ll have to think of a little DIY trick yourself to get it to fall properly into place.


  • Auto course acquisition and auto hole advance.
  • A high number of courses included.
  • Very affordable.
  • Features all basic measurements and record tracking.
  • Well-lit screen and large, easy-to-read numbers.


  • The charger doesn’t snap into place as it should.

Cyber Monday Golf Deals

For those looking for a GPS or a club set to purchase on Cyber Monday, we have a good selection. Garmin GPS devices dominate again, with Approach S20 and G6 taking the lead, followed by TomTom Golfer 2 GPS Watch. As we already announced, this section also includes the Stewart Gold X9 trolley, as it will be a part of both the Black Friday golf deals, as well as Cyber Monday deals.

Garmin Approach S20 Golf GPS Watch

garmin approach s20 cyber monday

Garmin’s Approach series of GPS watches and handheld devices is one of the best in the business. However, with the S20, we’re really hitting pay dirt. This elegant, affordable and feature-packed watch is just about the perfect companion any golfer can have.

Within this affordable watch lies a database that encompasses a staggering 40.000 courses. This is a whole 2000 courses more than S6. However, the discrepancy in the price can be explained by saying that the S20 doesn’t have an on-screen map. Instead, you just have the measurements laid out on the screen. However, you do have Green View in black and white, with an accurate distance measurement. The screen is nice and sensitive, but not overly, and glove-friendly. It is also quite large and you can see everything without much problem.

A very useful feature you will have with this watch is the Autoshot, a function that utilizes Garmin Connect account. If you have one, you can have the Autoshot automatically track your shots. Shot distance, swing power, post-round analysis – Autoshot will immediately get to work. Not only that, but you can also compare your results with other players online who also have a Garmin Connect account. You can also pair the watch up with Garmin’s TruSwing golf swing sensor, allowing you to track your swing power and swing consistency.

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Lastly, the watch doubles up as your assistant. Using the watch, you can receive notifications, emails and text messages from your smartphone. You can also plug it into your computer using the USB cable, and view your records there.


  • Over 40.000 pre-uploaded courses.
  • A very affordable piece of equipment.
  • Green View with accurate measurements.
  • High definition screen.
  • Can receive mails, texts, and notifications.


  • A lot of menus makes navigation a bit difficult.

Garmin Approach G6 Golf Course GPS

garmin approach g6 cyber monday golf deals

Second up is another Garmin product, and this time, it’s the Approach G6 GPS device. For those who find watches to small and hindering, there is always a handheld GPS, and Approach G6 is among the best. Basically, you can expect this device to perform the same as the S6 or S20 watches, but with a larger and better-lit screen, and 5 hours extra battery life.

So, starting with the database, Garmin Approach G6 has a smaller number of courses pre-uploaded. While the S6 had an impressive 38.000 courses uploaded, and the S20 had 40.000, the G6 has 25.000 maps. Even so, this is pretty impressive, as there is simply no way you’ll stumble across a course that’s not been uploaded. Just like the watches, G6 also has incredibly detailed information about all courses in its database, with emphasis on the green. There is even a dedicated button that will immediately engage the Green View, where you can accurately measure the distance from your position to the hole, making for an easier putt.

Naturally, you can do the same kind of measurements with your layups too. The device can set up layup arcs to 100, 150, 200 and 250 yards, so every single one of your shots is perfectly calculated. The device features the same kind of touch targeting system as the S6, where you only have to touch the screen and the GPS will calculate the distance for you. Needless to say, the display is totally glove-friendly, so you don’t have to bother taking them off when you’re using the device.

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Lastly, the GPS has an extensive and detailed scoreboard. Here, you can keep track of four people’s stroke play, Stableford, skins and match play. With that, you can also keep track of your stats, and you watch your fairways hit, putts per round and greens in regulation. And not only can you keep track of all of this on the GPS, but you can download the data to your computer, and print it out.


  • Plenty of golf courses uploaded to the database.
  • Very detailed maps of the courses.
  • A couple of buttons that take you straight to certain functions (makes the device much more manageable).
  • Detailed scoreboard.
  • Fairly affordable price.


  • The screen is very sensitive and can shuffle on its own (when accidentally rubbed against something).
  • Has to start from hole #1.

TomTom Golfer 2 GPS Watch

tomtom golfer 2 cyber monday

Our next product is also our last golf GPS. TomTom Golfer 2 is one of the best and most affordable GPS watches available. The device will cost you about $150 but it provides great value for the amount of green you’re spending on it. The watch has many great features that will help you keep a closer eye on your game, and even improve it.

The watch has an immense database, numbering 40.000 courses worldwide. And, if that’s not enough, the device updates constantly, adding more and more courses with every new software patch. The device takes very little time to recognize the course and has an auto-advance function, so you don’t have to switch manually when moving between holes.

But the best part about Golfer 2 is its shot auto-detection function. This is of great help to anyone looking to improve their game. The auto-detect calculates and records the shot distance for later viewing. And, if the device doesn’t detect the shot, you can manually tag the shot and store it. Later, you can view your shots and perform an analysis on MySports app.

Aside from tracking your shots, Golfer 2 is also a great help with the hazards. Woods, lakes or bunkers, the watch’s singular view of them enables you to avoid them, or escape the trap if you get stuck in it. The watch also takes care that you putt the ball, as it sports the Green View feature with advanced measurement options, so you know exactly which club should you use for a particular situation.

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Lastly, Golfer 2 has an automatically updated score card. Here, you can track the progress of the players, with the categories being the same as on the other watches and handheld devices we reviewed. You also have the Round Tracking feature so you know how well were you doing in every particular round.


  • Plenty of auto-track features that improve your game and keep you up to speed.
  • A fairly affordable product.
  • A great number of course maps, with daily updates of the database.
  • A detailed score card.


  • Known issues when pairing up with other devices.

Stewart Golf X9 Follow Cart - (Feels like a personal caddy!)

cyber monday golf deals

If you’re really looking to show class, then you should definitely take a look at our last product. Featured in both Black Friday Golf Deals and Cyber Monday deals, the Stewart Golf X9 follow trolley is a must have if you really want to look badass. This expensive cart, part of the famed X-Series of trolleys, is an amazing piece of equipment that will lighten the load, and allow you to move freely around, knowing that your clubs are right behind you.

The key feature of this trolley is contained in the word “follow” in its name. This device is a self-propelled trolley that is supposed to follow the player around as they move around the course. In order to perform this task, the X9 features a handset and a remote that is held by you, and he cart can detect if the handset is in the active or neutral zone. Once the handset enters the active zone, the cart starts following the handset, and, if it detects that the handset has entered a neutral zone, it will stop. Naturally, you can drive that cart around using the remote.

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However, what makes the cart really special is its ability to fine-tune the electric motors individually to adapt to your walking speed, or to turn. This makes the X9 appear incredibly smart, and it will never stray too far behind you, nor come uncomfortably near. The device is well balanced, with four wheels, the rear ones being larger to facilitate greater maneuverability.

If you can afford this cart with the Black Friday / Cyber Monday discounts you'll love how much it enhances your game.


  • Excellent tracking capabilities.
  • Comes with a remote with a 160ft range.
  • Very stable and maneuverable.
  • No more straining your shoulders.
  • Feels like you have a personal caddy with you.


  • A very expensive item.
  • Occasionally loses track of handset.


And there you have it, folks, Cyber Monday and Black Friday golf deals at their finest. Come November 24th being prepared and knowing what you want is key to getting the items you want. If you’re a golfer looking to refurbish your arsenal, now you know what to look for and what to expect from these products.