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best golf clubs for beginnersBest Golf Clubs For Beginners – Golfing is a fun and relaxing sport where you can get outside to enjoy fresh air. It also gives you a bit of safe exercise, and an opportunity to socialize with other golfers. Many beginning golfers may not wish to invest a lot of money into buying their own golf club sets, so they’ll appreciate a low price, with everything they need to get started.

The great golf club package will also have enough different types of clubs so that as a golfer progresses to expert, they can still use the same set of clubs.

Here are the top 5 best golf clubs for beginners, in exact order of quality and features.


Top 5 Best Golf Clubs For Beginners


#1— Callaway Strata 12 Piece Set

callaway strat golf clubsCallaway has a great 12 piece set to get you started on your game. This set includes nine clubs, a black Strata bag to hold them in, and two golfing club covers. The shafts on the clubs are regular flex.

The golfing bag has some nice zipped compartments and pouches to carry other golfing supplies, or drinks. The bag has a standard strap and two long arms so you can prop it up on the grass. The bag has a rain hood too.

This set allows men to choose whether they want to buy a set to match their right or left handedness. With the clubs, there is a driver and three woods. Each three woods is built with a graphite shaft. Each also has an aerodynamic shape, so that you can get a great long flying shot.

In the kit is also a 5H hybrid, which provides for some nice versatility on the golf course. The hybrid also offers forgiveness on those difficult long shots that require more power.

The other clubs in the package are irons and wedge 6PW types with also a putter. There is also a mallet for accuracy on those short shots.

Expert golfers will be impressed with how well this set performs. They may note a slighter lightness than clubs that are priced hundreds of dollars more, but they will still provide high-performance on the green and that’s what counts.

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#2—Wilson Ultra Golfing Package Set 2016

wilson ultra package setThis set by Wilson was designed for men who didn’t want to pay the $275 for the Callaway, but who still want a variety of different golf clubs to choose for their game. If you don’t mind losing out on a rain hood or golfing club covers, this is the best choice for you, as it’s under $200.

The golf bag is made from attractive black and yellow vinyl materials. It does still have the carrying strap and two pop-out stands that are necessary for the golf course. The bag also has a hand carrying strap and back strap. There are also all the usual compartments and pouches for storage.

You have ten different golf clubs with this set, including the driver, three fairway woods, four hybrids, an iron that is 4 PW, and a putter. Likely the difference in price between the Wilson and the Callaway is that cheaper materials were used here.

Golfers may balk at the bright yellow bag color, but these clubs should perform well for your weekend golfing trips. Quality may be compromised a bit as there have been a few complaints about the driver breaking, but most of that will be due to beginner-error. Don’t let this stop you from getting this great deal.

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#3—Precise ES Men’s Complete Golf Club Set

precise es mens golf clubsThe Precise ES Men’s Complete Golf Club Set is another premium beginner’s set for around $200. This set will make you look like a pro, even if it’s still a beginner’s set, so you won’t feel uncomfortable if you’re golfing with pros on the golf course. This set will also get you past beginner’s mode, and you’ll still love it after you become a golfing expert.

Like the other golf club sets there are nine different golf clubs. You’ll get the 460cc driver, a number 3 wood, the 6 through PW iron, a 22 hybrid, woods, hybrids, and a putter.

You’ll feel confident when making this purchase, as you’re getting a quality men’s golfing kit. The woods golfing clubs have been engineered with high launch technology in mind. This will help even the beginner to better their game, and to achieve higher trajectories with their shots, which enable the balls to go further on the green.

The hybrid clubs also have a lower center of gravity, which will also help you to get that ball further along. This is how this set is separated from other “toys”.

The Precise golf club set may almost be tied for second place with the Wilson set, but was pushed down a point due to its higher price tag. Even beginning golfers will find that their game improves when using the Precise ES golf club set.

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#4—Pinemeadow PRE Men’s 16-Piece Complete Golf Set

pinemeadow pre golf club setPinemeadow also has a great set of clubs, but the price is around $250. This is a sixteen piece set, which will account for a slightly higher price. If you want all the golf things, this may be your best option, particularly if you don’t want to waste time hunting for individual golf clubs down the road.

There are ten golf clubs in this set, with most of the extras being four golf club covers. These are mainly to protect the woods, as they can scratch more easily than the golf clubs made from metal. The PWs also have some nicely weighted perimeter heads.

The golfing bag comes with the standard features, including stand and rain hood. It has an attractive red, white, and black color.

Most golfers have found that even with the extra cash spent on the purchase of the Pinemeadow PRE complete golf set that these clubs are fantastic. They will enable beginners to keep up with the experts.

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#5—Confidence Golf Men’s Power Hybrid Club Set & Stand Bag

confidence mens golf club setThe Confidence Gold Men’s Power Hybrid Club Set and Stand bag is another affordable set for men, at just $150. It does have a rain hood, so your bag and clubs will keep dry. This set includes most of the major types of clubs to have a great game.

There is a 6, 7, 8, and 9 PW, and putter. The clubs are made from steel shafts. The woods are made from high quality wood. The cavity backed irons are also nice to have, as it’s a bit like cheating when the ball connects nicely to that portion of the club.

The golf bag looks attractive in its black, white, and blue detailing, and no one will ever suspect that you paid so little on this set.

Some men may not like the thinner straps on this bag. It’s also been noted that the alignment markers on some of the irons aren’t accurate, and that the wood heads may snap off if you hit wrong. Despite these faults, $150 is still a great price for your own set of clubs, but does place it lower than the Wilson set.

You can’t go wrong with each of these five sets of golf clubs. There are a few minute differences, but the main ones may be in brand, price, and overall quality. Don’t stress too badly after you make your decision, as one thing’s for certain, you’re going to have a great time on the golf course!


That concludes our top 5 best golf clubs for beginners list, check out some of our other related articles below.

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