Best Golf Swing Analyzer 2018- Buyer’s Guide

With the advancement of technology, new gadgets hit the market almost every day. Golf swing analyzers are one of the best training aids which can assist you in improving your golf game by practicing at home.

Since a wide range of golf swing analyzer & simulators are available out there, buying one of them can be a tough challenge.!

We're here to help! You'll need to consider various factors including the design, features, performance and affordability of a particular product. In order to assist you in making a wise choice, we have compiled a list of the best golf swing analyzers for 2018.

Our expert team members have carefully reviewed each of these products, so all you'll need to do is browse through these golf swing analyzer reviews and choose the one that suits you best.

Swing Analyzer Comparison Table

Smartgolf Stiff
(Our Choice)


Zepp Golf 2

3Bays GSA Zone

golf swing analyzer reviews
  • Built in hardware
  • Golf simulator
  • Play with friends
  • Impact Analysis
  • Swing Analysis
  • Connect to smartphone
Dancin Dogg OptiShot
  • Great for beginner players
  • Golf simulator
  • Improves golf swing
  • Swing Analysis
best golf swing analyzer 2017
  • Easy to use
  • Swing Analysis
  • Connect to smartphone
  • Video Tips
  • Connects to golf glove
3bays GSA zone swing analyzer
  • Easy to use
  • Swing Analysis
  • Connects to smartphone
  • Compare your swings
  • Connects to your clubs

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5 stars

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4.5 stars

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4 stars

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4.2 stars

Smartgolf Stiff Smart Golf Club

This is the first product in our list of Top Five Golf Swing analyzers. This hi-tech device is brand new for 2018, there is really nothing like it on the market. Further description of this product and its pros/cons are given below.

smartgolf stiff

Overview: The Smartgolf stiff smart golf club is the arguably the best golf swing analyzer  and comes with top of the range hardware built right into the smart golf club itself. It's capable of recording the swing and provides analysis by tracing the swing accurately. There are a number of apps available for iOS, Android and Windows. It analyzes swing plane, tempo, back swing position, tracks club head speed.

smart golf club

The smartgolf app syncs the required data directly from the smartgolf club through Wi-Fi and gives particular advice for improving your swing. The app gives factual data regarding every aspect of your swing. By analyzing the important aspects of a swing, you can improve your game style from an amateur to professional.

The most prominent feature, which plays a pivotal role in achieving the required perfection, is a detailed 3D feedback mechanism. In addition, the smartgolf app can be transformed into a Golf simulator, allowing you to play golf on almost realistic courses within the game mode, all from the comfort of your home.


  • It includes Smartgolf sensor and free downloadable apps for an android, iPhone or Window device.
  • Replay and review your swing in 360° by watching the replay of your shot at every angle.
  • The wireless data transfer mechanism immediately sends data to the smartphone or any other Android / iOS device.
  • Gives technical and professional advice, as how to bring noticeable improvements in your swing.
  • Track swing plane, tempo, backswing position, club head speed, and much more.
  • Compatible with Windows, iOS and Android operating systems.


  • Genuinely can't think of one. It's the perfect swing trainer.

Product Description

Smartgolf Stiff is capable of measuring the exact force and angle through swing analysis sensors. It has an analysis function that lays before you each and every detail with reference to your attack, path and face. The sensors show every detail of your attack, face and path angle. This helps for quick analysis and hereby, enhances shot accuracy.

It gives you a chance to play on countless virtual golf courses. These fields are just like real golf courses and the user can enjoy golf by using “handy smart club”. While just playing your game, you can easily analyze the swing data.

Vast amount of data is consumed once the app starts using “only sync over wifi option”. This might be the only con so far, associated with this device.

Smartgolf lets you play golf any day, at any time and at any place. It means that you are no longer limited by the time and availability of proper apparatus.

This device has a built-in data processing apparatus, which provides all the information necessary to maintain the record of each player. This suggests that you can indulge into a competition with your colleagues or friends.

It is the a great swing analyzer which has a simple and user friendly interface. Just download Smart Golf App (Free) to your Android, Apple, Smart Tablet, PC or TV. You can connect the handy smart club with the App via Wi-Fi solution of Smartgolf.

Dancin Dogg OptiShot Infrared Golf Simulator

OptiShot Golf Simulator is a reliable product; hence, considered as one of the world’s best golf swing analyzers. This device earned its reputation thanks to its award-winning technology. Moreover, it is quite easy to use and you won't need to ask for technical assistance.

Dancin Dogg OptiShot review

Overview: OptiShot Golf Simulator is designed to be compatible with every type of club that you might be carrying in your bag. Setting up this device is a piece of cake for a person of average technical knowledge.

When playing with an OptiShot Golf Simulator, the only thing you may need is enough space to swing your club properly.


  • Easy to setup in small areas.
  • OptiShot Golf Simulator is accurate, effective and affordable.
  • Play with upto 4 people at a time.
  • Compact and highly portable design.
  • Instant visual feedback and results.
  • High-definition graphics.
  • Swing or play at any point on the virtual course.


  • Needs to be used indoors
  • Requires a decent amount of space like a garage.
  • Need to calibrate each club.

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Product Description

The OptiShot Golf Simulator is fitted with 16 high-speed and precisely-tuned 48MHz infrared sensors. These sensors are capable of tracking the movement of your club; hence, providing you with an accurate and highly precise feedback regarding each shot.

By playing with Optishot Golf Simulator, you can improve your swing within few days. This device can monitor swing path, face angle and club head speed. This high-class golf simulator offers a huge library of professional standard golf courses including Big Horn Golf and Torrey Pines.

Talking about its cons, it has one considerable drawback. Using it as a game is fun but as far as game improvement is concerned, it fails to provide the desired results.

Its software upgrading process is quite simple and you can add as much courses as you can. It comes with 180 day limited manufacturer’s warranty. The device lays before you all the necessary information like elevation details, wind speed, direction and distance to the pin.

The package includes putting grid, automatic flyby flag marker, shot tracer and overhead map. Multiple camera views and updated 3DD golf software are some of the latest technical enhancement of this model.

3Bays GSA Zone Swing Analyzer

The 3Bays GSA- Zone Swing Analyzer stands third in our list of top five best golf swing analyzer. This device uses high-tech simulation technology along with certified technical methods. It has all the basic specs, which you may find in any other excellent quality swing analyzer.

3Bays GSA Zone Swing Analyzer

Overview: The 3Bays GSA- Zone Swing Analyzer allows capturing impact data and the results are displayed immediately after the shot. You can take the privilege of putting yourself or select auto-putt. The integrated Infrared sensors can accurately measure face angle, swing path, club head speed, toe contact and provide the exact measurements with amazing accuracy.


  • It has a five swing metrics, which allows making necessary adjustments to the goals. This is essential as most of us cannot swing just like pros.
  • Make your training at the driving range more productive and add some fun to it.
  • Take benefit from the wide range of built-in tips and instruction videos.
  • Zepp 2 serves as an affordable and cheap alternative to swing analysis.
  • The Technical support team of Zepp is highly active and instantly responds to your queries.


  • Zepp 2 cannot give accurate readings for shorter clubs. This may cause some sort of error while measuring club head speed.
  • The Zepp 2 app shows incompatibility with some older Android devices.

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Product description

This ultimate swing analyzer gives you perfect data and freedom to play with your favorite club. What you have to do is attach the GSA into your club and switch on the GSA app. It also features the ability to show angle of shaft while you hit the ball.

Its responsive censors can differentiate between optimal point and release point. The 3Bays GSA can synchronize with Ipads, Androids, Iphones, and other similar devices. It is a combination of sophisticated design and high-tech features.

While discussing the cons, the slightest difference regarding swing speed is monitored by some customers.

This swing analyzer is an ideal option for pros and beginners, as both of them can get equal benefit for improving their game.

Zepp Golf 2 3D Swing Analyzer

Zepp Golf 2 3D Swing Analyzer can be termed as the best golf swing analyzer 2018 due to its accuracy and various other features. It can measure the most essential aspects of the swing such as club hand speed, tempo, speed, backswing length, club plane, and lot more.

With this swing analyzer, you can review every swing in a 3D version no matter what angle you want to analyze. Its Auto-Video Capture feature can record your swing with a view to compare the actual data with your swing’s video.

zepp golf 2

Overview: While reading some positive Zepp golf swing analyzer reviews it is revealed that you can get instant evaluations and analysis with this product. This helps in focusing on your training session in a perfect manner.

Zepp swing analyzer is capable of processing thousands of data points for a single swing. In this way, you can easily identify the relevant training aspects, which are relevant to you. This allows measuring the improvement indicators and planning next level of your training.


  • Real time monitoring of your swing arc motions.
  • Allows you to monitor your the swing power release point.
  • Shows swing in 3D motion display.
  • Indicates alerts when you have over-swung.
  • Pin point accuracy with every shot.
  • No need to make adjustment after every swing.


  • Slight difference regarding swing speed is reported by some users.

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Product description

Zepp golf 2 is a next generation golf swing analyzer, loaded with numerous handy features. You can customize your training and quickly improve your game. It is a simple to use device and you have to just attach it and leave the rest to Zepp golf 2 3D.

It accurately measures the most important aspects of your swing 3D swing analysis; club speed, club plane, tempo, backswing length and more. Instant evaluations help you see where you can improve the most and focus on your training.

One of the main cons of Zepp 2 is its inability to show accurate measurement with a shorter club.

Meaning thereby, you cannot expect zepp 2 to work exactly the same as most of the other expensive swing analyzers on the market.

3Bays iOS Version Golf Swing Analyzer

Professional golfer always stays ahead from the rest and if you want similar expertise, then doing your routine practice is not sufficient. On the contrary, you must learn the way to do perfect and accurate practice.

In this context, 3Bays iOS Version may serve as a reasonable choice. With its digital motion sensors, you can measure each and every aspect of your swing. Moreover, its 3d playback videos help to bring professional feel to your game.

best golf swing analyzer

Overview: 3Bays iOS Version is the most powerful, smartest and lightest device amongst any other golf swing analyzer in 2018. Its 9 axis sensor is highly receptive and captures even the subtle jerk or slightest movement. With this device, you can manage to unfold the basic factors behind each stroke.

It surely is a game-changing apparatus, which can assist and train amateur golfers. So, enhance your confidence and consistency with 3Bays swing analyzer.


  • 3BaysGSA PRO is lightweight (Weighs just one third of an Ounce)
  • Fits perfectly with golf club that too in a hassle free manner.
  • Utilizes advanced sensors to record swing motion and convert it into video.
  • Provides swing playback with important swing metrics.
  • Gives an opportunity to compare the best swing with average one.
  • Make adjustments and learn the art of delivering more consistent, powerful and accurate swings.


  • Plugging the device into golf club is a tricky part. If you make a slightest error, it may damage the sensitive sensors or destroy golf club. Moreover, the device fails to sit completely inside the club. Hence, due care and caution is advised while attaching them.

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Product Description

This particular swing analyzer by the 3Bays is simply incredible. Especially, it’s easy to use interface and accuracy level is just amazing. Once it is attached with your clubface, you will learn to master this swing analyzer within few hours. Unlike such other products, it easily establishes a link with the iPhone or iPad.

It highlights every single aspect of your swing and helps to minimize your mistakes. So you should be consistent in tracking your swing and compare it with previous one. This kind of real-time data provides numerous advantages, which can make you a tough competitor.

Plugging this device into golf club is a tricky part. If you make a slightest error, it may damage the sensitive sensors or destroy your golf club. Moreover, the device fails to sit completely inside the club. Hence, due care and caution is advised while attaching them.

3Bays iOS Version reviews are generally positive. The most amazing feature of this device is its ability to share your swings through social media sites or emailing it through your account.