Bushnell Neo XS Golf GPS Watch Review

bushnell neo xs

Until just a few years back the golf GPS rangefinders were all bulky and unpractical. You would have to carry them attached to your hip or leave them on your trolley whilst you took a swing. They were not really comfortable to carry nor very convenient.

But then, a few years ago, a GPS watches were introduced. These were made by some well-known and some not so well-known companies, and there were many different models to choose from. You could buy them in almost every sports store.

Needless to say, the GPS watches were a revolutionary product. Although it seems like anyone can use these, they have some stumbling blocks due to their size, comfort, etc. A good GPS watch should be comfortable and accurate.

Now, when it comes to Bushnell Neo XS GPS watch, it’s the lightest and the thinnest GPS watch you can find today. It’s designed to be comfortable on your wrist and accurate on the golf course.

It comes with over 30,000 golf courses preloaded into its memory and it doesn’t require any membership fees. The company claims that this GPS watch is easy on the eyes, deadly accurate, simplified, and user-friendly.


  • Compact and lightweight.
  • Crisp and clear internal readout screen.
  • Use in all types of weather, including rain or snow.
  • Great rangefinder suitable for all ability levels.
  • 6x magnification.


  • Loses its accuracy in long range measurements.
  • Not a lot of wow factor, mostly standard features to keep price down.
  • No LED backlighting option.

The design of the Bushnell Neo XS

When it comes to the design, the Bushnell Neo XS GPS golf watch is much slimmer than the other GPS watches, maybe even the slimmest and the lightest GPS watch ever made.

bushnell neo xs review

Now, the aesthetic is a very subjective thing, but we can freely say that the Bushnell Neo XS GPS golf watch is a very elegant and good looking watch. It comes in 3 colors (white, gray, and black) and all of them look just amazing.

Its design is very discrete and it won’t catch anyone’s attention which is very good because it is not distracting and everyone can concentrate on their game.

The battery on this GPS watch can last up to 12 hours when fully charged. Now, it doesn’t sound very much at first glance, but you will find that this is more than enough for an average game and it is a way more than some of the competitors can offer.

One of the weird decisions made by the company is the choice of the five-pin to USB adapter for charging your NEO XS. The five-pin works just fine, but most of the rechargeable devices are charged via micro USB connectors and if you by accident lose your charger you will have to order a new one because you won’t be able to charge it with any other than original charger.

Is it comfortable to use?

When it comes to comfort, the Bushnell NEO XS GPS watch is quite comfortable. His slimness and well-placed buttons make sure that there is no discomfort or pinching during your swings.

It features an adjustable super soft rubber band that won’t pull out your arm hair and it is extremely lightweight. In fact, it is so light that after a few holes you won’t even notice that you have it on.

Is the Bushnell Neo XS easy to use?

The Bushnell NEO XS GPS watch is extremely easy to use. It features the modes that allow you to keep track of the date and time, an odometer, you can set up tee times, and there’s a menu that allows you to change the general settings.

bushnell neo xs golf gps watch

This is not just a typical GPS watch that tells you the distance to the hole. This watch is much more than that. It has only 5 buttons that enable you to control everything on this GPS watch and they are very easy to use and understand. You won’t even have to use the user’s guide.

After you take it out of the box, you will need about 15 minutes to set everything up and after that, you are ready for the course. It works like a charm with just 15 minutes of minor adjustments. No updates or memberships needed.

All you have to do is charge it and select your course and you are ready to play. It’s really as simple as that.

This is truly one of the easiest to operate GPS golf watches. It’s made for golfers who just want to get out and play. You don’t need to have any technical or computer skills to use it. All you need to get familiar with are the key modes on the “play golf” screen.

These modes will give you front/back/middle of the green distances from anywhere on your favorite course as well as the hazard distances. There is also a ball distance tracker mode.

Because you can easily access all of these modes, it is much easier to keep your ball close to the hole and in the game.

Does the accuracy let this watch down?

When it comes to accuracy, we can freely say that this watch is one extremely accurate gadget. It is accurate within +/- 3-5 yards, which is quite impressive. The only things this watch can’t help you with are the weather conditions and the wind speed.

Price and value

The Bushnell Neo XS is a great GPS watch that doesn't break the ban. For more than an affordable price, you get the GPS watch that can quickly deliver very accurate distances and it is extremely easy to utilize, enabling you to concentrate on your game.