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Sergio Garcia’s Foolproof Golfing Tips

Sergio “El Nino” Garcia needs no introduction. This Spanish golfing ace has a total of 33 combined European Tour and PGA Tour wins under his belt and is renowned for his accuracy on the course and one of the strongest iron plays in the game. Garcia has even competed in the Olympic Games in 2016 when […]


5 Golf Tips You Wish You Knew Earlier

For the average golfer, the basics of the game can often become distant memories. We always want to progress, but sometimes we hinder ourselves because the fundamentals have become twisted. Not only the basics, but a truly encompassing mental attitude; therefore, if you can harbor those skills then you can succeed greater throughout your golfing […]


Maximise Time On The Driving Range

Anyone can hit the ball on the driving range, they’re so accessible and welcoming that people who have never played can pick up a stick and give it a smash. For the truly committed and devoted amateur golfers, the driving range is a safe haven away from the trials and tribulations of the golf course. We […]


5 Common Bunker Mistakes

Bunkers prove messy business for most amateur golfers, whether it be the turbulent traumas of the links or the parkland perils; we all seem to squirm at the challenge. However, the mindset is all wrong; bunkers might be the easiest obstacle to overcome on the golf course. Beats water, long grass and out-of-bounds for sure, […]


Golf Etiquette – What you need to know.

Most sports and games such as golf require the basic adherence to a set of rules. The rules are in place to not only aid in scoring, but to also keep players and equipment safe, and keep the game honest and enjoyable. If you’re participating in professional sports, such as a golf tournament or championship, […]


Golf Swing Tip’s For Beginners

Golf Swing Tips For Beginners – Most beginner golfers don’t realize that there’s a right way, and a wrong way, to swing those clubs. Have you already played your first game and were embarrassed enough to hide your golf clubs in the back of the closet? Learning any sport can be frustrating in the beginning. […]