Electric Golf Trolley Reviews 2018

Once you’re hooked on golf you’ll want to find the best golf equipment to help improve your game and these electric golf trolley reviews will certainly help you do just that. Carrying your golf clubs and bag around the course is for beginners. By now you’ve decided you’d rather exercise your legs than strain your back, so the best solution is to purchase an electric golf trolley. An electric golf trolley differs from a push trolley due to its on-board motor, rather than having to push your golf cart around the course the motor does it for you.

Best Value: The Offmetrolley Z1 is outstanding value for money. This electric golf trolley costs around half the price of the Motocaddy and Powakaddy models, making it a great value option. It features ADF and a 36 hole lead acid battery as standard and costs under £250. It's a best seller on Amazon.

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There are many manufacturers of electric golf trolleys. Powakaddy, Offmetrolley, Promaster, Motocaddy and Clubbers Deluxe are just a few of the brands you can find. At first it can seem overwhelming to choose just one, but once you check out these options, you'll soon be able to narrow it down. It's best to read several reviews first, to ensure that you find the best electric golf trolley for your game.

Things to consider before purchasing

electric golf trolley reviews
  • Check out the reviews - It's important to find out all you need to know about a product before you purchase. Reviews can save you buying an unreliable product that will let you down on the green.
  • Price - Prices vary between models and it's not necessarily beneficial to go with the cheapest option. Some models from more well known manufactures have superior build quality and better warranty.
  • Battery - Lithium battery's are more reliable, smaller, lighter and perform better than lead acid battery's. It's recommended you take this into account when purchasing your trolley to avoid break down's before warranty is voided.
  • Spare parts - Cheaper brands of golf trolleys can be hard or even impossible to purchase replacement parts for. If you stick with a bigger brand these spare parts can be easily purchased. This saves you having to buy a brand new trolley for a simple problem such as a broken wheel.
  • No more straining your back - Electric golf trolleys take the strain off your back by using their motor to carry your clubs for you. Most users agree this makes each round of golf much more enjoyable and many users have reported their game improving due to having no load on their back. You will wish you had bought one sooner.

Top 5 Electric Golf Trolley Reviews 2018

The Powakaddy FW3 - Our Choice

the powakaddy fw3

Powakaddy has a respected name in the golfers’ world. These trolleys are built to last and always work when you need them. But not surprisingly, they cost a bit more than some of the other golf trolley lines. But if you check out some other electric golf trolley reviews, you’ll see that most people agree the additional cost is worth it.

The Powakaddy FW3 is a folding electric golf trolley that is available in two different colours: classic black or polar white. The inner wheels remain white on both. It also has a reverse T-shaped handle in front, used to push or pull, and also a button to turn on the trolley. At the top front of the handle is an LED view screen. The trolley has a power, pause, and resume function.

The FW3 is in the successful Freeway range, which is also optimal for the beginner golfer. It has a powerful 200 watt motor, and low profile quick release wheels so it can be folded up quickly. The motor is extremely quiet so you can concentrate on your game and not on a loud noisy motor.

The battery built into the FW3 is a Plug ’n’ Play TM battery system with 20% more staying power. The battery built into the trolley is actually the thinnest battery on the market. Not only does this keep the trolley lightweight but enables a more functional design. The battery has also been made with cutting edge technology so it’ll use up less power than the other types of batteries. This means it’ll take you for a full round of golf without dying.

The Powakaddy FW3 is built with a PowaFrame chassis that has a low profile but high performance. The frame is made with a lightweight but strong alloy frame. It has stylish tube graphics. It folds up with a three step system. The trolley also locks up with the key lock so not just anyone can run off with your trolley on the course when you’re not looking.

The Powakaddy FW3 is from a trusted line of trolleys that will work as expected, but does have a great two year warranty should you run into any difficulties. If you purchase this trolley you will have many years of reliable transport on the golf course.

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Powakaddy FW7s - Best Features

powakaddy fw7s review

The FW7 has that distinctive Powakaddy look, but it differs in features to the FW3 or FW5. There is a choice of silver titanium color with carbon effect or brushed silver. This is new for 2016 and the Powakaddy FW7 is packed full of the latest technology.

This trolley has a full color 3.5” widescreen display. The widescreen has a power on/off LED indicator, with a choice of power, pause, and resume. The speed will also be displayed, and there is a clock. The digital power gauge and battery fuel indicator will tell you the status of the power. There is also a built-in calorie counter and a distance measurement function.

The motor is silent at 230 watts. There is also an integrated USB charging port. The FW7 has an anti-tamper security pin lock so you can rest easy if you need to leave it alone on the course for a few minutes. The controls of this trolley can be easily used with either hand, and the handle has a soft touch grip so it’s simple to push if you wish.

You can also use your trolley to measure distance, and there is also a competition mode. The ADF—Automatic Distance Function will send your trolley ahead of you.

Besides these differences, this trolley has a good braking system. If you feel that it isn’t enough on slopes or hills, you can purchase an optional upgrade. There is the EBS—Electronic Braking System which can be added. This will provide three different levels of braking which is suitable for those courses which may be more difficult for a golf trolley to move around on.

The battery is powerful but silent even with a 230 watt motor. Its Plug ’n’ Play and has 20% more staying power than other types of batteries. Like the other trolleys, it has a thin lithium battery. The latest technology ensures the effective discharge of the battery power.

The frame is a PowaFrame chassis with low profile wheels. It’s designed with premium sport wheels and tires and the front wheel has tracking adjustment. The frame is lightweight but is made from a strong alloy and has stylish tube graphics and enhanced trim. It will fold up in three steps so you can safely stow it into your vehicle.

Your golf bag will fit into the trolley with bungee straps and anti-pinch handles.

The Powakaddy FW7 comes with a better warranty than the other models at 3 years long, rather than only two with the FW3 and FW5.

The Powaaddy FW7 is packed with innovative features and earns its place as one of the best electric golf trolleys of the year. Other electric golf trolley reviews find the FW7 to be one of the best electric golf trolleys on the market, this is reflected in the price. For those who have a bigger budget this trolley will be the perfect option for you to show off on the course.

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Clubbers Deluxe - Budget Choice

electric golf trolley reviews

Clubber’s is a branded product that offers a diverse range of golfing equipment. If you’re seeking a budget electric golf trolley, the Clubbers Deluxe is an afforable option boasting some great features. It comes in a silver white and black plastic color. The trolley has large 10” big wheels and a small 6” wheel in front.

This trolley does not have a view screen but there is a simple to use on and off control switch on the center of the handle. From here you can also choose your optimum speed.

The Clubbers Deluxe Trolley can go up to a maximum speed of eight kilometers per hour. This trolley can do 18 holes or 36 holes easily, so you can be confident that you’re purchasing a trolley with a good battery. It’ll still move effectively even over the hills and slopes of the average UK golf course.

It runs on the standard UK 240 volts, and the UK charger is included in the price. The charger shows red when it’s charging up. When it’s done, it will show green so you know it’s ready to pack in your vehicle for the game. It’s CE approved. The battery is 22 Ah. It measures 110 x 92 x 64 centimeters. It weighs 18 kilograms but that doesn’t include the golf bag or golf clubs.

This trolley has a strong frame that will carry up to thirty kilograms of golf bag and clubs combined. Like other trolleys, it will fold up so you can pack into your vehicle. The wheels have a quick release function so you can get moving quickly.

You’ll learn there may be a few issues with the battery performance when reading the electric golf trolley reviews, but if you purchase from a well known store that allows returns or repairs, this shouldn’t be much of an issue.

This trolley still does have that useful feature where it can be folded up. It’s also simple to fold and to unfold so you can get your clubs set up faster.

If you’re on a budget but still want to golf for an extended 36 holes, you’ll want to take a second look at the Clubbers Deluxe Trolley. Its cost is kept down as it doesn’t have a full color view screen, but it’ll certainly do the job of transporting your clubs easily around the golf course.

Offmetrolley Z1 Review - Best Value

offmetrolley z1 review

The Offmetrolley Z1 Electric Golf Trolley comes in a white color with black reinforcements. It has a similar look to the Powakaddy line, but with larger black and white wheels. Like the others, it can be pre-charged in advance and run on its own volition. The reviews are generally favorable for this model in particular.

The Offmetrolley Z1 has a distance control so you can choose to send your trolley ahead of you on distances of 10, 20, or 30 meters. It will then automatically stop a this pre-set distance.

There are also seven manual speed settings, a variable speed control, and a stop/go function on the speed setting memory. The trolley has a low profile speed control switch that can be comfortably reached from the handlebars.

Like other trolleys, the Offmetrolley Z1 also has a clear visual LED digital indicator/display. This is where to look for battery status. You can also steer your trolley with the aid of the Tee Bar handle. It’s suitable for left or right handed golfers.

The motor of the Offmetrolley Z1 Electric Golf Trolley is a 200 watt with a 27 ah battery. Its full range is twenty kilometers.

Your golf bag can be quickly removed with the quick release golf cart bag support that has built-in torque control to prevent the rotation of your bag. It takes only a simple one-click assembly or disassembly to operate. The trolley then can be folded flat like other trolleys for placement in the vehicle. The trolley is strong and lightweight. It will hold a golf bag and clubs up to thirty kilograms.

The wheels are also quick release and are made with ultra grip rubber tires, and an adjustable front wheel tracking system.

The trolley also comes with an assortment of accessories, including a scorecard holder, umbrella holder, bottle or golf ball holder, a trolley carry bag and a winter wheel kit.

The Offmetrolley Z1 Electric Golf Trolley has comparable features to the other golf trolleys, so you’ll likely base your purchase on its more affordable price. Many golfers also prefer the slightly larger wheels, which will assist you with traversing those steeper slopes and hills.

Powakaddy FW5 - Best Mid-Range

powakaddy fw5

The Powakaddy line has a distinctive design with all the other Powakaddys. The Powakaddy FW5 comes in classic black and polar white. This was new for 2016 and improves on the excellent performance of the Freeway line. The electric golf trolley reviews continue to remain excellent for every new generation of Powakaddy that is released.

There are some improvements in this Powakaddy FW5 model. This includes a new digital power gauge and a battery fuel indicator. The battery has a “Plug ’n’ Play” system that gives you 20% more power than other models. The battery is also the thinnest lithium battery available in the market today. The battery is designed for effective dispersion of energy so you get through your entire round of golf and longer without worrying about recharging.

There is also a USB charging port built in, so you can charge up your smart devices if they’re running low on the course. The motor is also extremely quiet so you can focus on your game and not the noise.

The view screen of the Powakaddy FW5 is for either hand and the handle has a soft touch grip. There is also a power on/off LED indicator, with power, pause, and resume functions.

There is an ADF function that allows you to choose a preset distance of 15, 30, or 45 yards. You can send your trolley onto the next hole where it’ll be waiting for you to arrive.

There is a Powakaddy key lock so you can feel confident in leaving your trolley on the course for a bit.

The golf bag will be supported by the bungee traps and anti-pinch handles. The frame has a rear diffuser and enhanced trim.

The Powakaddy FW5 has been built on a PowaFrame Chassis that has a low profile. It has sports wheels. This frame is lightweight and has stylish graphics. After the game is over it can be folded up with three folds and placed in the trunk. It’s compact and will fit easily in your vehicle.

The Powakaddy FW5 comes with a two year warranty.

If you have the cash, the Powakaddy FW5 is a great trolley that will assist you on the golf course. The other golfers on the course will be impressed with its design. This trolley may just give you the boost in confidence needed to improve your game.

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Electric Golf Trolley Reviews Conclusion

cheap electric golf trolleys for sale

Once you have purchased your trolley you’ll get immense enjoyment out of your game and wonder why you didn’t buy one sooner. It may take you a bit of effort to read through the best electric golf trolley reviews, but soon you’ll find the perfect model for your golfing and be able to save your energy for winning the game. That’s the end of our best electric golf trolley reviews 2018 list.