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Garmin Approach G6 Review - Well rounded Golf GPS

Garmin Approach G6 Review Summary:

garmin approach g6

Garmin Approach G6 Review -If you're looking to improve your game with the help of a golf GPS, you’ll be impressed with the Garmin Approach G6. This is a handheld device much like a smart phone, with a full colour screen and simple touch screen and button controls. You’ll love how the Auto Hole Advance function and Statistics Tracking make your game better. It has a slender and compact design that you can tuck into your golf shirt’s pocket, or onto your trolley’s handle in-between swings.

  • The Garmin Approach G6 has a smart phone look to it but can do more than your basic golf app. It’s one step up from Garmin’s G5, and worth the extra outlay in cash if you’re thinking of upgrading.
  • The touchscreen measures 2.5 inches across, weighs 3.4 ounces and is only 0.8 inches thick. If you’re not certain that a watch is right for you, keep in mind that if you purchase the G6, it only weighs about 1.4 ounces more than your average golf GPS watch at 2 ounces. The screen has a display resolution of 160 x 240 pixels.
  • You’ll love the intuitive touch screen controls. There are two buttons at the front base of the unit for: Score/Measure and Green, and you’ll appreciate their quick access when you’re engrossed in your game.

Garmin Approach G6

garmin approach g6 review

Our Rating:



  • The Garmin G6 has excellent accuracy, but just be sure to regularly update it.
  • It has an auto hole advance so you don’t have to click to switch to the next hole.
  • It has an auto hole advance so you don’t have to click to switch to the next hole.
  • Affordable for any level of player to purchase.
  • Nice, compact, lightweight size that fits nicely in the hands.
  • Fast charging and reasonable battery life.
  • Nice durable waterproof casing so you can still golf in the rain.


  • When you’re moving the flag around, you may find that it hides under your finger, making it difficult to see what you’re doing. This has been remedied in the G8.
  • The distance display may not be entirely accurate.
  • Some people complain about the updating times but that can be dependent on your internet connection’s speed.

Some notable features of the G6:

  • Detailed Course Mapping: Don’t let the 25,000 preloaded golf courses discourage you, when other devices have up to 40,000, as you can also add more courses for no additional cost. But unless you golf in some remote part of the world, you should find your favourite golf course without any problem. You can download the new courses from the Garmin website.

    What you’re going to love with the G6 is that when you turn your body, your Garmin will turn the view on the screen with you. You also have the option to zoom in on any point. The device will also calculate the most important distances for you.

  • Track Your Statistics With EaseIf you want really detailed statistics tracking you may be more interested in the Garmin G8, but the G6 does offer some nice statistics tracking too. You’ll be able to store the scores for yourself and three other golfers. You can not only track your score, but greens in regulation, fairway hits, and putts per round.
  • Layup Arcs: The Garmin Golf GPS will display colored layup arcs at a variety of distances to help you avoid the hazards ahead. You’ll be able to see them at distances of 100, 150, 200, and 250 yards.
  • Custom Course Functions: Many GPS systems simply display the data that’s stored in their memories, but the Golf GPS will actually allow you to add your own target points on the map. To access, you can see them in the Hole View.
  • ​Distance Information: On the main screen you’ll be able to easily see the measured distance to the green on the top right hand corner. You can also touch a point on the map and it will display the distance from your current point to the point you have touched.

    The Garmin will also provide you with the distance from the point you selected to the centre of the green. The device will also measure your shot distances.

    You can enter your shot distances with each type of club you use. This will enable you to predict how far you can hit the ball depending on which club you choose. If you’re a beginner who is still confused over which club to use, you’ll like this feature.

Setup & Ease-of-use

  • If you’re leaning towards purchasing one of the Garmin handheld GPSs, you’re making the right choice, They are extremely easy to set up. After you get it out of the packaging you’ll need to connect the device to your computer with the included USB cable. There isn’t a registration process. All you have to do is spend less than a minute to download “Courseview” from their site. The software will prompt you to update the golf courses.
  • The setup will impress you, even if you’re new to tech. Once you arrive at the golf course you’ll be presented with a list of courses. You then select the one that you’re at and you’re ready to begin your game.
  • Touchscreen controls are a lot simpler to use than a keyboard. The G6 has a touch sensitive screen that responds quickly to your touch. You can also lock up the screen before you tuck it into your pocket, so you don’t lose your spot.

Final Thoughts

If you’re seeking a golf GPS that has a high level of accuracy, the Garmin G6 is the one to put in your shopping cart. The full colour screen and brightness make the G6 easy to view and use, even during sunny days. We think that you’ll love the Garmin G6, particularly since it’s at such an affordable price point.

Go ahead and add the Garmin Approach G6 GPS to your shopping cart so when the weather gets better, you can get out and enjoy your first round of golf in 2017!