Golf Swing Tip’s For Beginners

golf swing tips for beginnersGolf Swing Tips For Beginners – Most beginner golfers don’t realize that there’s a right way, and a wrong way, to swing those clubs. Have you already played your first game and were embarrassed enough to hide your golf clubs in the back of the closet? Learning any sport can be frustrating in the beginning. There is a learning curve for golf too.

If you want to avoid embarrassment on the golf course it’s important to practice in advance of a game. You can practice your swing in your basement, garage (move the car out first), your backyard, or wherever you’re not too concerned if a flying ball goes astray. Even the pro golfers began where you are now. It’s takes time and practice to become good at the game of golf.


Check out this great infographic from Scottsdale Golf.

perfect golf swing infographic

5 Golf Swing Tips For Beginners (watch the video for a demonsration)


  1. Play real games of golf. Sure you can play mini putt or do your swing in the backyard, but these activities only prep you for a game to a certain point. Actually book a game on a real golf course. Even better, book a game for every weekend. This is really the only way you are going to improve—by hitting lots of balls. This will get you from your beginner golfer status up too intermediate. And when you’re intermediate, it will be a lot easier to find other golfers to play games together.


  1. Try different golf courses. This is what the pros do. Even when they’re on holidays, they’re practicing their game. They’ll spend endless hours on each of the different golf courses, improving their skills, and polishing their moves.


  1. Find an affordable golf course. You don’t need to spend money on the fancy golf courses. If you’ve had a look around, there are many private golf courses that require a membership fee, and then an expensive game fee. You really don’t need to spend £200 to £1000 per game to have a great learning experience. Book a game at some of the affordable public golf courses. Check out golf courses in surrounding cities too. This gives you a chance to try many different courses.


  1. Avoid that golf ball hook. This is the first and most common technical issue you may have when you’re first learning the game. Hooking the ball means that it starts out in a straight line, before severely veering off to the left/right and missing the target. Even the pros can still suffer this problem. The best way to solve the problem is a simple adjustment of your body before you connect club to ball.


  1. Best swing stance. Begin by placing your feet a shoulder-width apart. Your right foot should be 1.5 feet away from the golf ball. Keep your eyes on the ball, then rotate your body all the way to the right. Ensure your left arm is crossing your chest, and that your right is about 90 degrees. Swing down and hit the ball from the right side. If you have done it right, the tip of your golf club will end up in about the same spot before your downswing.


Keep practicing these tips and soon your intermediate golfing friends will be inviting you out for more games.

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