Make Golf Great Again

make golf great againGolfing can be a challenging but fun game, but there must be ways to entice a new generation to join the happy ranks of the older golfers. It’s no surprise that golf is experiencing a slight decline in popularity due to the younger generation being glued to their devices. But it seems to be making a comeback, as golf was reintroduced to the Summer Olympics, after 112 years.

How can we hope to make golf great again? The challenge lies in encouraging new players to give it a try. Companies may also develop new products to encourage people to better their game.
1. Invite friends over to learn. The game can be more complicated than simply hitting a ball over the green. It can take time to learn which golf club is the right one and how to use them properly. Invite friends over to test out your golf clubs. Show them the purpose of each type, and help them with the proper foot positioning, stance, and swing.

2. Invite your friends to a game on the course. You can lend them your equipment if you want, or they can rent from the pro shop. Anyone can play a game of golf, so don’t exclude someone because you think they don’t want to do it. It can be a pleasant surprise to be invited out for a game of golf. It’s something different than asking someone to go to a concert or to a bar.

You may even have some friends who have turned down your invitations lately because they don’t have the cash for expensive concerts or shows, or they’re cutting back on the alcohol. A game of golf may just get you two reacquainted with each other again.

3. The only devices on the golf course should be GPS. What a lot of beginner golfers don’t seem to understand is that there is a major social aspect to the game of golf. While you’re waiting for your team members or opponents to do their shots, you’re standing around. This is the time to socialize and get to know everyone better.

After you finish your game, likely you’ll be heading to the clubhouse for refreshments. And just like that is a great time to have a chat with your friends, so is it when you’re on the golf course too.

Put away your smart phones and tablets, and enjoy the game. Chat with the other players. Remember that you should only be glancing at your GPS screen, and you’ll soon realize how much fun you can really have with your golf game.

4. Support your golfing supply companies. If you’re a beginner golfer, you may not be encouraged by renting less than perfect golf clubs at the pro shop. They may not only be damaged, but someone else has put their sweat on them. It’s enough to make you balk at your game. There are plenty of companies that sell affordable golf clubs and bags, push trolleys, and even electric golf trolleys.

When you think about how much money you’ve invested in your computer or devices, golfing equipment purchases can be validated because you are getting fresh air and exercise.

5. Make the game exciting. Often many people turn down a game of golf because they think it’s slow and boring. But it’s possible to make it more exciting than by having a prize for the winner, or make the stakes higher. Perhaps you can write a story around the game. The golfer who gets a hole-in-one kills another zombie, or something like that. Bring along some beers or your iPod if you must.

6. Watch the tournaments on TV. You can get a good feel for the game by watching the tournaments on TV. Plus, the more you watch the tournaments, the bigger the audience, and thus, more games to watch. Often it can be annoying to learn about an important competition, only to not be able to watch it as it’s not being covered on the channels you have. The more the ratings increase, the more popular golf will become.

7. Try out some of the nine-hole or nighttime driving ranges. The industry is trying new things to keep the game fresh for everyone. This may also entice more players out to try the game.

It’s wrong to think that the game of golf is not for everyone. With a new way of thinking, golf can become great again.

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