Maximise Time On The Driving Range

maximize time on the driving range

Anyone can hit the ball on the driving range, they’re so accessible and welcoming that people who have never played can pick up a stick and give it a smash. For the truly committed and devoted amateur golfers, the driving range is a safe haven away from the trials and tribulations of the golf course.

We often go to the driving range with a plan but it slowly seems to unravel as soon as we build momentum and adrenaline. Here’s a comprehensive list of ways to maximize your time on the driving range and feel satisfied with the results on the course thereafter.

Practice With Purpose

It’s all too easy to let your mind float adrift of the task at hand, sometimes it’s hard to concentrate on the shot and focus your energy. It happens to all of us.

That’s what makes us different to the professional golfers, these lapses in concentration can be costly for under prepared novices like ourselves. That’s where we can improve and surpass previous expectations.

The way to do this is to practice what you need to, not what you want to; but that’s hard. It’s a large undertaking, however if you want to improve that’s the only way. Want to rid that banana slice?

Put a basket on the right of the swing exit and during practice swings try and hit it. Remove the basket and swing out as far as you can to the right (or to the left if you’re left-handed). Right for right-handed and left for left-handed, easy to remember. There are loads of tips on YouTube and across the internet which you can imitate and it’s important to do this with diligence.

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Take A Break, Have A Kit Kat

have a break

Sometimes we get a tad overexcited at the driving range, that means we seem to run out of golf balls rather quickly. Leading to breaking the bank further and hitting depressing shots. If you don’t have the time in your busy schedule to dedicate an hour or two for a range session, you can still take breaks.

The breaks don’t have to be long and can often last the changing of a playlist or the answering of a message. It’s vital to give your body a break during strenuous activity, it allows the muscle groups to recuperate and prepare for more practice and strain. It also prolongs the session so you can enjoy yourself and leave feeling more optimistic about your game than when you entered.

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It's All Fun And Games

Golf for amateurs shouldn’t be overly serious. Bit of competition never hurts anyone but there’s certainly a limit that shouldn’t be overstepped. Taking the time to devise fun games and challenges that test both your physical and mental ability can be worth more than batting 1000 balls left, right and centre of the driving range.

TopGolf is an amazing institution where this concept comes to fruition. It has created games based on other sports or aspects of the golf game itself to tempt and enthuse a wider audience. 

The competition of the leader board creates an atmosphere which could be described as similar to the Ryder and Solheim Cups. In essence, you’ll enjoy yourself more and in turn will remember the practice for longer than just hitting balls aimlessly.

Real-Life Course Scenarios

As I mentioned in the introduction, anyone has the capability to hit the ball given enough practice and drive. It seems almost incomparable our abilities on the driving range compared to the golf course. There is some psychology to explain why there’s such a contrast.

On the driving range, it’s what is called a “closed environment”, where the conditions are not determined by Mother Nature and you have the best chance to show your skills. There is almost a theatrical vibe about the driving range where you can showboat your artistry. This doesn’t happen on the golf course; everyone is too concerned with their own games to worry about your excellence.

With that in mind, why not play your local course out as you normally would to eliminate any surprises come game day. Every time you go to the driving range, this should be your priority and it will set your mind geared more to a steady round of golf than a crazy one.

All in all, golf is hard and we all know it but we can all make it a bit easier by using the precious driving range time to full advantage. The driving range is the holy ground and if you want to nurture your game, here is the perfect place to do it.

Now you have the tools that I have provided, you should find no trouble maximizing your time so you can focus efforts on more important life situations.

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