Motocaddy M1 Pro Review

motocaddy m1 pro reviewMotocaddy M1 Pro ReviewMotocaddy is a UK company that manufactures quality golf trolleys for all types of golfers. Most of the Motocaddy golf trolleys have a distinctive design, from the Motocaddy M3 Pro, to the Motocaddy S3 Pro. When you’re searching for the best electric golf trolleys in 2016, you’ll also want to take a look at the Motocaddy M1 Pro.

The Motocaddy M1 Pro is a rechargeable golf trolley that can automatically drive your golf bag with clubs from one hole to another without any effort on your part. It can also hold your drink, balls, scorecard, and handheld devices. Its function is to prevent you from carrying a heavy golf bag and clubs on your back, which is fine for the 20s, but as you get older, comfort is a greater concern. Having your own golf trolley can also save you money from having to rent one from the clubhouse.


Compact and Functional – Motocaddy M1 Pro Review

motocaddy m1 pro foldedThe Motocaddy M1 Pro was first released in 2013, and featured a new style of frame. It has a sporty look, with highlights of yellow around the wheel rims. The Motocaddy has a non-glare matte finish so that your golf trolley will never distract you while you’re playing your game.

The Motocaddy M1 Pro has the same distinctive appearance with a black or a black and white frame, also called Alpine White. There are the three wheels, one small in front, and two large in back, with white rims and black tires. There is a circular clip on the bar that holds the golf club bag in place. To the back of the trolley are black handlebars, with a view screen and on/off button controls on the middle. The handlebars are designed to be ergonomic for your best comfort.

There is a five step folding process that makes this one of the more compact trolleys in the Motocaddy line. It’s 40% smaller than older S-Series Motocaddy trolleys. The rechargeable battery also stays firmly put even when folded, so you don’t have to worry about pulling it out before stowage, or reinserting it for when you’re ready for your next game.

There is an Accessory Station and a handle height adjuster, offering a lot of convenience in such a small twin-tube frame. The height adjuster will go up to a maximum of thirty-nine inches. There is also a spot where you can keep your GPS or smart phone handy, and charge it up while on the go.

There is an Easilock function at the bottom of the trolley. All you have to do is match up the two pins on your golf bag with the ones on the trolley and snap it into place. These hold your golf bag securely, without worries that your golf bag will fall out of the cart. All you have to do next is clip together the adjustable bag supports and you’re ready to go.

There is also an optional drink holder that you can purchase separately.

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Three Different Battery Options

The Motocaddy M1 Pro runs on a rechargeable battery, which provides the automation for this model. With this model, you have the choice of three different types of batteries. There is the 18 hole lithium battery, the 18 hole lead acid, and the 36 hole lithium. The lead acid is cheaper, and your other option is based on whether you want it to run for a full 36 hole game.

The Motocaddy M1 Pro includes the battery of your choice, plus the battery charger.


Great Digital Control Panel Features

motocaddy m1 pro screenThere are some great features on the Motocaddy M1 Pro and they are all accessible from the digital control panel on the front, right between the handlebars.

You can set your trolley to go up to a distance of 45 metres. You also have a choice of nine different speed options so you can send it ahead slowly, or at a faster pace.

Your small handheld devices will be safely held on the trolley while you can charge them up with the patented USB charging port.


More Great Features on the Motocaddy M1 Pro

There are color choices of black or Alpine white, but they do not affect the price. Where you have price differences will be in the type of battery that you purchase for your trolley.

Pricing can vary on the Motocaddy M1 Pro depending on whether you are opting for the 18 hole lead acid battery for £419.00, the 18 hole lithium battery for £519.00, or the 36 hole lithium battery for £569.00, but it’s good to know that Motocaddy offers options for every level of golfer. Lithium battery’s are recommended as they perform better and last much longer than lead acid.

When the trolley is folded up it will be only 36 mm x 497 mm x 560 mm. It weighs 10.5 kilograms without the battery. The battery will add on another 2.72 kilograms.

There is a twenty-four month manufacturer’s warranty on the Motocaddy M1 Pro.

The Motocaddy M1 Pro is a bit more affordable than the Motocaddy M3 Pro. This model is perfect for the beginning golfer who simply wants the comfort and functionality of a great golf trolley, and isn’t too concerned with a lot of control panel functions. The Motocaddy M1 Pro is also compact, so it’s perfect for the golfer who doesn’t have a lot of room in their car boot. Your golfing experience will now go from mediocre to a ton of fun!

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