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offmetrolley z1

The Offmetrolley Z1 is a budget electric trolley that similarities to the more expensive Powakaddy Freeway line but comes in at nearly half the price. It's also top of our best electric golf trolley under £300 list. Interested? You should be!

The offmetrolley is quite impressive considering the price point. Starting at around £240 you get a stylish electric golf trolley with a lead acid battery that will last you two rounds of golf. Great if like me you sometimes play more than one round back to back. If you wanted to upgrade the battery to lithium this would cost around £120 extra. Lithium battery's are lighter, faster charging, more reliable and have a much longer cycle life. It's up to you to decide if the added cost is worth it for you.

I've found the Z1 to be a great performing trolley - especially when you consider the price. Its motor isn't too loud and it lasted for the entire 36 holes (the standard lead acid battery) without any issues. It's quite an attractive electric golf trolley and looks similar to the Powakaddy lineup which is double the price. 

If you're looking to transport your trolleys from hole to hole without the need of any fancy features, then the offmetrolley Z1 is the trolley for you. 

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  • Great build quality.
  • Fantastic value for the price.
  • Packed with really useful accessories.
  • 36 hole battery as standard.
  • Distance control makes it very convenient because you can send it ahead of you.
  • Easy to assemble and disassemble.


  • Motor can be a bit loud.
  • Speed switch is a bit too sensitive and it makes it easy to dial in the wrong speed.


One of the most prominent features of the Offmetrolley Z1 36 hole electric golf trolley is the distance control. The distance control enables you to send it ahead of you. You can send it 10, 20, or 30 yards ahead of you if you wish. After the trolley passes the pre-set distance it will automatically stop.

Other than distance control, this trolley additionally has seven different manual speed settings as well as a variable speed control along with the go/stop function in its memory for the speed settings.

The switch for the speed control is a low profile one and you can reach it comfortably from the trolleys handlebars.


offmetrolley z1 display

Same as the most electric golf trolleys, the Offmetrolley Z1 has a clear visual LED digital display. On this display, you can check the status of the battery. Furthermore, you can operate and steer this trolley using the Tee Bar handle. The trolley is suitable for both right and left handed golf players.


The Offmetrolley Z1 36 hole electric golf trolley features a powerful 200-watt motor which is powered by a 33-ah battery. When fully charged, the battery can provide you with a full range of twenty kilometers. Needless to say, this trolley will take you through an average 36 holes, as the name suggests.

Ease of use

When it comes to your golf bag, it can be easily and quickly removed of the trolley thanks to the quick release golf cart bag system with a built-in torque control. Now, the built-in torque control is there to prevent your bag from rotating, which is a pretty nifty little feature.

The Offmetrolley Z1 36 hole electric golf trolley is quite easy to use and assemble or disassemble. It only takes one simple click to assemble it or disassemble it. You can fold this electric golf trolley flat, like any other trolley so you can easily place it in your vehicle.

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Construction and durability

offmetrolley z1 quick release

You really don’t have to worry about the durability of this nice golf trolley. Although it’s very light it is not weak at all. This trolley is very strong and durable and it can carry your full set of clubs (up to 30kg) without any trouble. 

The wheels on the Offmetrolley Z1 36 hole electric golf trolley are removable and they feature a quick release system for quick and easy change. The tires on the wheels are made of ultra grip rubber and you also get a set of winter wheels for those winter games. The front wheel tracking system is adjustable.

Additional accessories

offmetrolley z1 review

Other than mentioned there is also an assortment of useful accessories that come with this trolley. It comes with a scorecard holder which is quite useful because you don’t have to carry your scorecard in your pocket and you can easily access it.

Furthermore, you get the umbrella holder that can be quite useful if you intend to play during the rainy days.

The Offmetrolley Z1 36 hole electric golf trolley comes with trolley carry bag that makes transportation of the trolley much easier and it protects your trolley from the dust. Additionally, it has a holder that you can use either for balls or your water bottle.

Price and value

The Offmetrolley Z1 can't be beaten when it comes to value. It's the best performing electric golf trolley under £300. Offmetrolley isn't a widely known company when it comes to electric golf trolleys but their customer support has been top notch for anybody who has had issues. It is a pretty good investment because you get an excellent electric golf push cart packed with great features for a more than affordable price.

Check the price of the Offmetrolley Z1 here.​

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