Powakaddy FW3i Review – Great Performance at a great price.

powakaddy fw3i review
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Powakaddy FW3 Review - The Powakaddy FW3 is an ideal electric caddy for the hobby golfer or the entry level pro. This lightweight fold away caddy is ideal for transporting to and from the course. It comes in a choice of Polar White or black and can be powered by lithium or lead acid batteries. It has a 2-year guarantee on the trolley and separate guarantee for the batteries, one year for lead acid battery and charger and 2 years for the lithium. This Powakaddy FW3 review will tell you all you need to know, read on.

Large Wheels, Better Grip and More Control

This updated design for 2016 has many great features such as slightly larger back wheels to help it travel better through the rough. The all new sports wheel on the front has been redesigned to give a low profile and also has track adjustment. All three wheels are easily removable and the tough, lightweight frame is designed in such a way as to give better ground clearance to protect your equipment, whilst still achieving a low profile.

Convenient Transportability

powakaddy fw3

Its three-point fold away design is quick and easy to fold and unfold making it very easy to transport. The powakaddy bag twist lock system is unique so as to hold your powakaddy bag firmly and securely and stop it slipping around on the trolley once you are underway. It is one of only a few designs that allows you to carry a full staff bag, straight on which can be very important for certain people.

Increased Battery Performance – Powakaddy FW3i Review

The lithium power battery is now 20% more efficient, giving you longer playing time on the course. It is easy to use with its plug and play system and can also be switched off allowing the battery to be left in the trolley without discharging. The battery is just clipped in to its place on the trolley and removed in the same way. It is also lighter and thinner than before and so quick and easy to remove and replace.

powakaddy electric golf trolley

Once you are ready to go with batteries in place the red light will appear on the screen. Then just push the knob and the light will turn green, turn clockwise to go faster, anticlockwise to slow down and press again to stop. Nothing could be easier than this easy to use, and suits left or right handed users equally. This powerful little machine and with its new soft grip handles it is comfortable to manoeuvre as you make your way around the course.

On a round of golf on a soft hilly course the Powakaddy holds its own very well, with the little motor quietly coping with all it was given, but if you should need a little more power the lead acid batteries can either be upgraded or you could change to the lithium batteries. The FW3 has a clever little connector that can tell which battery you are using so you do not have to upgrade your chassis to upgrade your batteries.

This is a very useful point especially if you buy the cheaper model and then need something meatier for the courses you chose to play. On the same note if you have old batteries that you still wish to use there is a battery case you can buy that will allow you to utilise your old style batteries. However, the clever switch is unique to Powakaddy and so this means you are not able to use other types of lithium batteries.

powakaddy fw3 review

Some people have trouble using the catch to remove the lithium batteries, and it does not spring out so it can be awkward to dig out of its seat, whereas the lead acid batteries have a hand to help with the release action. The switch on the lithium battery is underneath, so to switch it on or off you have to remove it from the machine and then replace it and the reverse when you are getting ready to play.

The Powakaddy FW3 is definitely the cheapest in the Freeway range with bigger brothers the Powakaddy FW5 and the FW7. They have extras but no more power than the FW3, so maybe if you like your gadgets you would be better with one of those, but the FW3 is the base entry model. It does what it should i.e. it carries your clubs and other bits around the course for you.

There's a newer version of the Powakaddy FW7, take a look at the Powakaddy FW7s review.

Bungee Straps

The trolley also comes with bungee straps to help steady your bag and it appears that ordinary bags can also be used on this caddy which seem to hold most bags fairly securely if not as still as the bag designed for it.

This handy little trolley is not designed with lots of bells and whistles you probably would not need, it will get you around the course from A to B and carry your clubs with ease with its powerful 200- watt motor. So if you like gadgets with everything this probably would not be the caddy for you, but if you just need help getting your clubs around the course this caddy will do the job with ease. Leaving you to enjoy a relaxing game of golf.

Powakaddy FW3 Review – Conclusion

The base model with the lead acid batteries (the price reflects the performance of the battery always go lithium) is the cheapest of the range, leading up to the Lithium battery model which is priced accordingly. So for the low level professional or the keen amateur this is the ideal starting electric caddy. Reasonably priced and easy to fold, load and control this little trolley is ideal for your needs.

Thanks for taking the time to read our Powakaddy FW3i Review, we hope you’ve found it useful.

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