Powakaddy Fw5 Review – Is this the best Mid-Range Choice?

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Powakaddy FW5 Review – Golfers enjoy spending a lot of time on the golf course but they may not like lugging around a heavy bag of golf clubs. The other option is to spend money renting a trolley or cart. Now it’s possible to buy a portable and automated trolley, making your game more enjoyable.

The Powakaddy Fw5 Electric Golf Trolley is a compact and lightweight way to transport your golf clubs across a golf course. Golfers will appreciate how they can easily transport it in their vehicles, and set it up quickly for their next round of golf.

The Powakaddy Fw5 is part of a line of three models: FW3, FW5, and Powakaddy FW7s. It’s a step up to the previous Powakaddy Freeway trolley. There are some distinctive features in the Powakaddy line that are present in each model: a bend in the crossbar that can take an upright golf bag, and being a “powered” trolley.

The Powakaddy Fw5 review are excellent, and golfers will love how the great features are incorporated into this compact trolley.

Compact and Portable

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This trolley is made from durable black metal tubing materials, with three sturdy wheels for transport—one small one in front and two larger in back. The wheels have black tires with white wheels, and orange lines on the two larger wheels. It has two circular holders to hold the golf club bag securely in place. There is also a second colour option in a white frame.

The golf trolley actually folds up when not in use, making it convenient to transport in the trunk of your vehicle. There is a three step folding system to quickly set up or put away for another day. The two circular holders fold down, and the main frame of the trolley also folds up against the wheels. There are two clips that release the trolley so it can be folded up. You can easily carry the trolley to your vehicle with the handle. The frame is light-weight and portable and only weighs 21 pounds.

Motorized Rechargeable Battery

You’ll need to only use a minimum of effort for transporting this around the golfing field, as it is fully motorized, with a rechargeable battery. The battery operation is simple, with a plug and play battery. The battery used in this golf cart is a lithium ion battery. It is installed flush in the base. It also has a built-in handle, so you can pull it in or off should you need to replace it at some point. It has a cable-less connector.

The motor of the Powakaddy Fw5 is installed on a Powaframe chassis. This is an offset motor with 200 watts of power. It’s installed within a plastic tray that is strong, so you can stand on out it if you want too. In other words, it can take the bumps and hits of being transported across the golf course, but can also be a footstool should you need to rest your foot for a bit. The chassis of the Powaframe is more compact and sleeker looking than older models.

The Powakaddy Fw5’s motor has also been built with a much better motor than older models. It has been made with better quality components. Together with the better battery, there is a 20% increase in performance.

powakaddy fw5 review

To charge up the Powakaddy Fw5, you’ll simply plug the cord into the USB charging socket. There is also a digital power gauge, so you know when the trolley is turned on. A battery fuel indicator will let you know when it’s fully charged up, and how much power you have left when on the golf course.​

A panel is located at the bottom front of the trolley so you can see the ADF or your speed. The speed is listed in a scale on 1 to 9. It will also let you know when you are in charge mode, and how much power is left in the battery.

It also has an automatic distance function (ADF) to transport your trolley to the next hole. There are pre-set distances of 15, 30, and 45 yards.

This trolley has an integrated USB point for charging up your portable devices, such as smart phones, golf gps, tablets, etc. Powakaddy says that it’s suitable for most USB chargeable devices.

Other Notable Features in this Powakaddy FW5 Review

You’ll find that your trolley will easily tackle hilly conditions. The motor is also quiet so it won’t disturb your pleasant golfing day. Your golf bag and clubs will fit snuggly in the trolley. It’s held in with elastic bungee cords that easily clip on to keep your bag from falling out of the cart while in transport.

Favorable Customer Reviews

The Powakaddy Fw5 review from customers are extremely favourable, noting that the Powakaddy Fw5 is an improvement over older models of golf caddies.

  • “I love the ADF that sends the trolley a set distance or either 15, 30 or 45 yards before it stops.”
  • “Lithium battery is a dream, so light and simple to use. The bag holding mechanism is one of the best I have seen, no twisting of the bag when in use. Folding is simple.”

That concludes our Powakaddy FW5 review, we hope you’ve found it useful.

Source: http://www.americangolf.co.uk/gps-bags-equipment/electric-trolleys/powakaddy-fw5-18-hole-lithium-electric-trolley-297804.html

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The Powakaddy Fw5 costs under from £350 – £550 depending on the battery option chosen, making it a great option for transporting your clubs around the green. You’ll discover that this latest version in the Powakaddy line has had some technical advancements over older caddies such as the Freeway. There is a two year warranty so you can purchase with confidence.

The Powakaddy Fw5 is a major improvement over having to lug around your golf clubs on your back, or to even have to manually pull a cart around. The automation of the Fw5 will make golfing even more relaxing and fun than before, and since you’ve purchased one for yourself, you’ll always be ready for a round of golf at a moment’s notice.

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