Powakaddy FW7s Review

Manufacturer:          Powakaddy
Model:                       FW7s
Type:                          Electric
Price:                         £579.00
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The Bottom Line: We are so thrilled with the FW7s Electric Golf Trolley due to its cutting edge design and user friendly features. The full-colour screen is easy to navigate and we enjoyed using the automatic distance function and competition modes. There is a useful speed display and a security pin lock system which a lot of players may find beneficial.  The FW7 has a super quiet motor and the low profile PowaFrame has enough power to tackle difficult course conditions while carrying heavy equipment. We were really impressed with how lightweight it is and that assembly and fold down takes only seconds, so there are no problems getting it in and out of the car. The ‘Plug and Play’ lithium battery exceeds our expectations, with charge still remaining after 18 holes. The 3-year warranty gives us complete peace of mind that this trolley is going to last the distance, no matter how many rounds we play.

powaddy fw7 lithium battery

Powakaddy FW7s Review – Powakaddy has a great line of rechargeable electric golf trolleys that helps to make golf more enjoyable when on the greens. The Powakaddy FW7s reviews are favorable, but you may need guidance in choosing the best golf trolley to assist you on the green. The Fw7 has some “premium features” both the Powakaddy FW3 and the Powakaddy FW5 lack, making it the most premium model Powakaddy have to offer.

On first glance, the FW7s has a similar appearance to the other freeway models, but the Powakaddy FW7s is only available in a brushed silver finish. It has three wheels, one small, and two larger which do a great job of keeping the trolley sturdy, even on windy courses. The trolley has yellow highlights to help you spot closures more easily.

It’s worth examining some of the other distinctive features of this golf trolley.

Lightweight, Compact Frame

powakaddy fw7 review

The Powakaddy FW7 has a lightweight silver frame, called the Powaframe, weighing 21 pounds. The frame folds up compactly so it can easily be stowed in the car. The two circular sections that hold the golf bag fold against the frame, and the entire frame and wheels fold flat together in a three-fold system. It will fit in the smallest of car trunks, along with your golf clubs and your golf bag.

At the front of the Powakaddy FW7s on the handle is a digital power gauge. This gauge can provide a variety of functions. There is a clock, a speed display to tell you how fast you trolley is going, distance measurement, power on indicator, and charging level indicator. You can also use the clock to find out how fast you are playing, or to track a lost ball search. The distance measurement is used to measure total distance for the life of your trolley, so you may wish to track your progress in a notebook to see where you ended up last game.

There is also a competition mode, but this disables the ADF, so you won’t be able to use it to measure distances. But the competition mode will enable you to stay within the rules and not be disqualified in your game.

While the main color choice is titanium silver, there is the option of choosing black carbon fiber or brushed silver trims for the triangular frame. This gives it a more advanced dashboard than the Fw5.

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The Powakaddy FW7 Review boasts Innovative features

This isn’t just a golf trolley that you push or pull around the golf course. This trolley is battery-operated, and can actually drive itself from hole to hole. It also has an automatic distance function—ADF. This means that you can enter predetermined coordinates, and it will drive itself the number of yards required. The speed display will also enable it to automatically adjust to your walking speed.

This ADF is a step up from the Fw5, so you’ll be able to choose five to fifty yard increments. There are also ten different options so that you can judge distances and watch for burrows on the ground that could deviate the calculations of the trolley.

powakaddy fw7s review

The Powakaddy Fw7 also has an enhanced battery meter. This one has colored bars. Some golfers may prefer a percentage of charge left, since this seems to be standard on devices. It may take some time before you figure out what each of the lighted bars means on the display.

Your Powakaddy FW7s can be charged up, and will retain power for your eighteen hole golf game. The Powakaddy FW7s runs on a lithium ion battery that is made in a super light battery pack that only weighs 4.4 pounds. It’s plug and play, so you can easily plug in the charger cord for charging, and remove when it’s done. The battery pack is also removable in the event it needs to be replaced with a new one. It snaps in and out of the slots easily, needing no cords to attach. This battery is called a Plug ’n’ Play(TM) battery system. It’s designed to be small and lightweight.

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Other Notable Features in this Powakaddy FW7s Review

When you’re playing a great game of golf, you want to take photographs and selfies of your opponents to share on social media. But it’s not fun when the power dies down on your smart devices. You can easily plug your device into the USB port on your Powakaddy FW7 and charge them up.

You don’t have to worry about your Powakaddy FW7s getting worn out due to the elements, as the underside is fully sealed. There is nowhere for dirt or moisture to get in and ruin motor or battery compartment. And upkeep is simple. Simply wipe it down with a cloth.

There is also an anti-tamper security pin lock so you can be confident that your golf cart isn’t going to mysteriously vanish on you.

There is also the EBS Electric Braking System which is extremely helpful in the event it slides downhill. It can prevent damage to cart, clubs, and bag.

Favorable Customer Powakaddy FW7 Review

The Powakaddy Fw7 reviews are good, but you’ll have to weigh in on whether one of the lesser costing models will be better for you.

  • “The only reason I can think to go for the FW7 would be to have the superb EBS Electric Braking System option for slowing the trolley when it goes downhill.”
  • Five out of five stars reviews on most golf blogging reviews sites.
powakaddy fw7s

This golf trolley is slightly more expensive than the other Powakaddys. It costs under £450 for the base model with the standard battery, right up to £650 if you choose the extended lithium battery option . You’ll appreciate the technological engineering of your Powakaddy Fw7. This company has delivered on great modern-day designs for the golf course, and is always striving for the latest advancements in giving you a great golf game.

You’ll need to evaluate if you’ll appreciate the few extra features on the view screen of the Fw7, or whether the Powakaddy FW5i will suffice for you. Consider your main purpose for a golf trolley - to transport your clubs around the golf course and have fun. If you can afford premium, go for it! That concludes our Powakaddy FW7 Review.

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