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stewart golf x9 follow me review
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stewart golf x9 reviewStewart Golf X9 Review – Stewart Golf is a company that was founded in Britain over a decade ago. Their main goal was to engineer and manufacture the world’s best electric golf trolleys. The company is actually run and owned by engineers. They have said that their focus is to “design, innovate, and build”. Since then, they have produced some of the best golf trolleys in the world.

Stewart Golf has its headquarters in the Cotswolds. They not only design the new trolleys from there, but they also make them by hand. Once they’ve been assembled and passed inspection they are shipped all over the world for sale in golfing stores. In fact, 30% of the golf trolleys made by Stewart Golf have actually be shipped to over 30 countries in the past year.

Stewart Golf has a great line of rechargeable golf trolleys, and they’re comparable to the Motocaddy S3 Pro. If you’re seeking to buy the best electric golf trolley you’ll want to check out the great line of Stewart Golf trolleys. While there are many choices, the X9 line is the best available. This line is expensive so check out electric golf trolley reviews as there are options to suit everyones budget.


History of the Stewart Golf X Trolleys Line

Stewart Golf created the X1 Remote golf trolley in 2003. It was accepted with great praise. It had a unique space-age look, and was the first golf trolley in the world that had been designed only for remote control usage. Famous Golf pro Sam Torrance became an ambassador for the brand. Soon there was a ten week waiting list for the chance to own the X1R.

The X3 and the X5 followed. The X7 had the notable feature of being powered by a lithium battery and came out in 2008. The first X9 Remote trolley came out in 2014, with the X9 Follow coming next.

Two Different Trolleys in the X9 Line

Besides the prices, there are some other notable differences between the Stewart Golf X9 Remote and the Stewart X9 Follow golf trolleys. The X9 Remote utilizes a remote control ability, while the X9 Follow has the remote control and a Follow function. Visually, the two are almost identical, both offering the same three colour options. Differences lie in the electronics, and visually with different badges, an aerial, and some accessories holders.


Stewart Golf X9 Review – Remote Version

stewart golf x9 remoteThe Stewart Golf X9 Remote comes in three colour options: metallic black, metallic silver, and pearlescent white. A notable feature of this trolley is that it simply pushes back against the main body to fold up. It has a lower centre of gravity so it won’t tip over. This trolley is also notable for having four wheels, not three, such as in the Motocaddy or Powakaddy lines.

With the use of a remote control it can be operated from a distance. You can not only walk the course without carrying your golf bag and clubs, but you don’t have to push the cart either. With the use of the remove control, you can send your trolley ahead of you while you walk to the next hole. It has a high-tech electronics system so you can control your trolley from up to fifty metres away. The remote control is black, and about half the size of your regular TV remote control.

Using your remote you can send your trolley forward, left, right, and reverse. There is also a fifty metre range safety cut out, so it’ll stop before you lose sight of it. The remote and handset skin is included in this set.

There are also functions that you can access from the handlebar of your trolley, including a scorecard. There is also a ball holder on the trolley to keep your equipment safe.

The X9 remote is powered by a strong 12 volt lithium battery pack. It has a soft case and weighs 2.5 kilograms. The total X9 Remote weighs 14.2 kilograms.

The trolley is backed up by a 24 month warranty.

This model is cheaper than the follow me option and is still a great trolley which is certain to turn heads on the golf course. If your budget can’t stretch for the follow me version you will be pleasantly surprised at how the Stewart X9 Remote golf trolley enhances your golfing experience.


Stewart Golf X9 Follow

stewart-golf-x9-followThe Stewart Golf X9 Follow comes in the same three colours and you’ll still get the same remote control as the X9 Remote, but the Follow version will actually follow you around the course. This makes its handling much easier, so you don’t have to aim it in the right direction and send it on its way. It simply follows behind you at a moderate speed while you move from hole to hole. This trolley works through Bluetooth Technology, and has a small antenna on it.

There is also downhill braking and an integrated stabiliser, so it works better when it’s driving itself. The wheels are a V3 wheel set, and the rear wheels have a quick release. There are three golf ball holders and four tee holders so you always have extra on hand.

It has a towel clip and a pencil clip to provide more game comfort. There is a handset cradle that is adjustable.

The Stewart Golf X9 Reviews have favored this product and it’s easy to see why. The Stewart Golf X9 follow model is for the man who has everything. The premium price is for a quality hand made product with innovative top of the range features. This trolley will change your golfing experience for the better and be a talking point when you’re out on the green next.


Favorable Customer Reviews

For the online customer reviews, they are all positive for both the Stewart Golf X9 Remote and the X9 Follow.

James thinks highly of this product in his Stewart Golf X9 review

“It’s fun, easy to use and looks the business. You’d certainly be the talk of your game if you rocked up with one of these.

The cost of £1,499 may put a few people off but this is a serious bit of kit that is built to last. It’s weight might be an issue for some people too but it folds up nice and small.”


For both of the X9 golf trolley versions, Remote and Follow, the Stewart Golf X9 review on Amazon are at five stars out of five stars.

Beginner golfers may find the price tags on the X9 line a bit steep, particularly when you can buy a Powacaddy FW3 for £300 to £500, depending on battery options. The X9 Remote costs £999, while the X9 Follow costs £1499. It may make the choice for a beginner more difficult, as they have yet to figure out if they enjoy the game enough to play on a regular basis. These are some serious golf trolleys for the golfer who is committed to playing regularly.

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