Wilson Ultra Golf Club Set Review

wilson ultra golf clubs reviews

Wilson Ultra Golf Club Set – You'll be overwhelmed with the many choices you'll have when deciding to purchase a golf club set. There are many different manufacturers that offer great golf club sets at varying price points. Wilson is a leading brand in golfing, and they have the Wilson Ultra Package Set which includes everything you need to get started on the golf course.

You’ll receive ten different golf clubs with this set, plus a golf bag. These are the most recommended types of golf clubs for beginners. They’re best for those who are under six feet two inches. Don’t expect to get a lot of features at this low price point, but it’s more than good enough to get you started on the course (and at a great price too).

There is a driver, three fairway woods, four hybrids, an iron that is 4 PW, and a putter. The grip on each of this clubs is the regular standard, which is perfect for the beginner. The shafts of each of the clubs are made with iron steel. There are no golf club covers with this package set.

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The Wilson Ultra Golf Club Set Includes A Great Bag

wilson ultra golf club set review

The included golf bag is made from black and yellow vinyl materials, with the ULTRA logo on the side. There is a long strip of bright yellow surrounding the ULTRA logo. There are two pop-out long black bars which are used to hold the golf bag at an angle on the ground. This provides you with easier access for your clubs without having to stoop over.

The golf bag also has a standard carrying strap, so you can carry it around on your back. Once you’ve decided you really enjoy golfing, you can choose to purchase a gold caddy or a golf kart.

There are also loops, and a carrying strap on the top front, making transport of your clubs much easier. There are also some zippered pouches along the bottom and sides, so you can easily transport other items such as drinks, golf balls, and tees.

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These Wilson Ultra Golf Clubs Are Affordable

wilson ultra golf clubs

New golfing enthusiasts will be excited to purchase their own golf club set without breaking the bank. This is a great price, and it’s not often that you see too many other choices going this cheap.

Wilson does make their Wilson Ultra 2016 Package Set for men who are right handed, with a separate set for men who are left handed. So it’s great to know that men won’t have to adjust their play just to save money on a beginner’s set.

If you’re fine purchasing a basic men’s golfing set that doesn’t have a lot of extras, then you may appreciate the low price of the Wilson Ultra 2016 Package Set. Don’t expect to get any golf club covers, or a rain hood at this price. But if the low price attracts you, you can make do with bringing some plastic bags in the event it does rain. Learn with this set, and then upgrade if you decide to golf on a regular basis.

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